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The Low Blow Episode 165: Strikeforce / Mailbag combo

This week’s Low Blow starts out breaking down the Diaz vs Noons 2 Strikeforce card and then moves on to the mailbag, where we answer all your burning questions (our answer there: it’s probably an STD). Other questions include philosophical / moral quandaries like “How can you like Nick Diaz when he’s obviously a giant shitface” and baser queries like “How bout Arianny’s naughty bits?” We answer all this and more in completely inappropriate detail! 90 minutes of MMA audio jibba jabbing.


  • Bojo says:

    Hey Ryan is the Low Blow set up for iTunes now?

  • G Funk says:

    Holy chit! RyOn is on his P’s & Q’s now!

  • Tanhauser says:

    You didn’t answer my third question you bums!!!

  • fightlinker says:

    may i point you to the agreement you made when you signed up for the site saying there’s a 2 question limit unless I bang your mom. As your mom is nasty, you only get two questions.

  • agentsmith says:

    If Arianny’s tits are fake, she was thankfully smart enough to not go too big and end up with the kind of ridiculous over-inflated beachball tits that far too many strippers and pornstars still get. Like Briana Banks’s tits, for example… she would be hot if not for those giant about-to-burst blisters on her chest that are so far apart you could drive a truck between them.

    Arianny got just the right size… large-ish, but not so huge that they’re impossible. In her case, you question whether they’re real more because they look too perfect than too big, which is exactly the way breast implants should be. Her surgeon is a master of his art.

  • fightlinker says:

    I dunno, in some pics it looks like she had chest canyon going on, which is a standard problem with boob jobs. But then again it’s kinda hard to tell when you’re looking at pictures of pictures taken with a cell phone camera.

  • glassjawsh says:

    once again I give you this —–>

    sorry man, they are uber fake

    but they sure are PURTY!

  • subo says:

    Holy shit, it’s like a funnel at a water park.

  • YEAH RIGHT says:

    “Yeah right also asks…no that’s just another subo hate comment…” ha! If you would have read past that I did have another question not related to subo sucking dick!

  • subo says:

    “subo speaks the truth, man”

    It’s what I do.

  • mamoru says:

    Honestly, you guys sit around talking about how Thomson won that fight?
    And then you have the nuts to shit on judges for being incompetent?
    Jesus fucking christ, that’s the funniest shit on FL in ages.

    Unless you were being serious, then fuck you both.
    JZ won the third, and there’s no way anyone watching without being drunk off their ass could think Thomson won round 1.

  • YEAH RIGHT says:

    Mam-Why don’t you take a couple of deep breathes, maybe smoke a bowl, and relaxxx.