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The loss heard around the world

We keep saying that Kimbo Slice just got Buzz Berry’d, but that may not be very accurate. Sure, Slice got knocked out by a journeyman that will most likely never go anywhere, it happened right at the start of the fight, and the punch that knocked Kimbo stupid was weak indeed – one foot slanty smack whut!

But the one difference is possibly the biggest difference at all. Whereas only the hardest of the hardcore were paying attention when Buzz Berry knocked Ken Shamrock out in the UK, it seems like EVERYONE heard about Kimbo getting scrubbed:

In a radio interview late Saturday night, Dave Meltzer reported that his bosses at Yahoo indicated that Yahoo’s coverage of the Kimbo Slice fight received similar numbers to their coverage of when Michael Phelps won his gold medals at the Beijing Olympics. (In other words, this is a very high benchmark.)

I was down in the states when that Phelps garbage was going on (the fact that there are even 8 gold medals awarded for swimming shows how lame and out of touch the Olympics are), and everyone over the age of 40 was going bananas for that shit. I’m assuming all this Kimbo traffic represents the under 40 demographic going nuts.

So the bad news: there’s no way EliteXC will be able to sweep this Kimbo loss under the rug and pretend it didn’t happen. The good news: if internet interest is any indication of ratings success, then EliteXC just pulled some seriously retarded numbers.