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The long awaited Iron Ring review

Shit, I was so busy being a lazy fuck last week that I forgot to write up a review of BET’s Iron Ring. I watched the first two episodes and here’s what I think: it basically plays like one big infomercial for mixed martial arts, which is good. I’m not big on the thug culture that’s displayed a lot in the show, but it’s not so bad that it made me turn the show off. I’d say as far as that shit goes, there’s a split down the middle: half the coaches are complete retards and the other three are actually pretty cool peeps.

Most retarded ‘coaches’ in order of retardation:

  1. T.I.
  2. Floyd Mayweather
  3. Dipset (Julez Santana & Jim Jones)

Coolest ‘coaches’ in order of coolness

  1. Ludacris
  2. Nelly
  3. Lil John

I based my judgements on a few things like respect for the sport, respect for the fighters, ability to speak sentences that don’t end with “knowadisayin?”, and overall intelligence displayed. T.I. was by far the hugest fucking moron of the bunch, claiming he was the biggest and baddest of them all and that he’d never lost a fight ever. You also never see this 130 pound wuss anywhere without a posse of big fat fuckers who weigh in at over a ton all together. All in all, he is the embodiment of everything I hate about hip-hop ‘gangsta’ culture.

On the other end of the spectrum, Ludacris seemed very humble about his role, saying that he was going to involve himself in the training to learn about the sport and the fighters. Lil John said MMA was a great way for people to get out their aggression without ending up in jail.

The show itself is interesting because it’s so damned chaotic. Every episode of TUF, you know what to expect. But with Iron ring, every episode is completely different and random. Already the third episode has been set up where one of the tryout rejects will face off against someone who was picked, simply because the reject got in the coaches face and demanded a shot. Simply put, ya never know what the fuck is gonna happen on this show, so at the least it stays entertaining.

So while the show does have a lot of stupidity, overall it’s entertaining stuff. I’m gonna keep watching, and keep blogging about the show.

  • #1 jackal says:

    I watched about 20 minutes of it and turned the channel. I am glad that you are going to watch it and blog because I am not putting myself through the pain of watching it.

    I would watch tuff anyday over this, and maybe even the WCL.

  • Mike_N says:

    OK, I give. When’s it on?

  • twankydawg says:

    Where’s the new comic today fuckface?

  • I was going to blog about it and still might. T.I.’s comment upset me too. If you have never lost a fight then you have no older brothers, sisters, cousins or friends or you must have not been in a lot of fights…..

    It was hard for me to watch because the action was too close up. It was like watching a P90x commercial with the hopes that you will get to see some of the unique exercises without buying the DVD set. The one fight they did show lasted about 1 minute.

    Wes Sims did make a random appearance though…

  • Comic will be out tomorrow – holiday schedule. Goddamn, Zombie Jesus rocks, so many days to give excuses!

    Oh did you notice the fight they showed ended with some illegal blows?

    The shit is rough, but all those people were right: it does expose MMA to a new market, and that’s always good. I’ve got faith that Shonie Carter will make a good impression too.

  • Lifer says:

    what’d the one guy say? once black people realize the money and fame to be had in MMA they will come a-flockin’!

  • twankydawg says:

    LOL @ Shonie making a good impression, I didn’t even think of that! He’d fit right in with this circus…

  • when Shonie is the most normal dude there…fuck we got a problem. I expected it to be shit and for the most part it was. I like how their “legendary mixed martial arts coches” dont have much experience in mixed martial arts.

  • Mobb Deep says:

    When T.I. said he never lost a fight, he wasn’t trying to say it was because he was the best fighter. He was saying it was because he carries guns on him, which fucking true:

    Don’t blame him, blame society.

  • Captain says:

    They got this show all wrong. What they should do is get a bunch of hip hop artists together and do a show just like TUF (i.e., put them a house, give them some training, and then let them fight in a tournanment for hip hop supremacy). That would be fuckin sweet and much more satisfying. OMFG can you imagine? DMX knocking TI the fuck out and then barking in his face. And Kanye West, well I would love to see just about anybody beat that shit out of that prick. I am getting excited just thinking about this. I mean, a show like that would be so fuckin amazing it could actually be the greatest show in the history of the world not involving naked girls.

  • twankydawg says:

    Any show that would feature Kanye West getting his ass busted up would be great, shit, I’d pay to see it if it was on PPV.

  • From a purely technical point of view, it was horrible. I had no idea if I was watching an extended intro, random rights, the finals of the series, the trials, the prelims, actual fights, or just two guys spazzing out only wearing shorts.

    From any other kind of perspective, it was amusing.

    Was it TI? KILL THE HEAD AND THE BODY WILL FALL then the guy chokes his opponent out and he’s yelling “I TOLD HIM TO DO THAT! YEAH! THAT’S WHAT I SAID!”

    I mean, fuck. These guys need to not be surrounded by yes-men and have someone tell them to shut the fuck up every now and then.

  • Accomando says:

    The show was awesome.

    I really like BET’s idea. I heard one of the guys say, “you can be the best boxer in the world and still get your ass whooped.” Very true.

    Ludacris is a sound minded “coach” or manager or whatever. It seems like all the retard managers come out of the ATL, like T.I. and Lil’ John. While Luda claims ATL, he was actually born in IL, so that’s why he isn’t a complete moron.

  • Rob says:

    fight linker i am a frequent visitor to the site even though i havent signed up for the forums or whatever that crap is on the left hand side (im lazy)

    anyway i couldnt agree with your review more. the show really is pretty bad but at the same time its really entertaining and i can’t stop watching it