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The Least Necessary Rematch In MMA History

The above is just over a minute long and encompasses the entirety of the Neil ‘Goliath’ Grove / James ‘Colossus’ Thompson fight – for those of you who only allow 55 seconds of Fightlinker time per day, these two put on an absolute striking clinic for the first eight seconds, before Grove hits Thompson with something that resembled a cut fastball more than it did a punch. Oh, and loosen up your fucking schedule a little bit – we kick too much ass to cram it all into a minute.

So you’d think a ten second KO victory would spell the end of that particular rivalry, but guess again. James Thompson wants a rematch:

“But when it come to stepping up fighting me he’s a massive puss. No, correction – he’s a Goliath Puss. When I called him out at Ultimate Challenge [formerly Cage Rage], I could tell he wasn’t going to take the fight. I was too nice, should of got in his face more.

“If I can’t fight him in the cage fuck it, the car park will do,” he added.

See, James shows some wit here – one can be a Goliath Pussy, but who ever heard of a Colossus Pussy? That’s why you choose a noun instead of an adjective as a nickname – otherwise you get Kevin ‘My Pee’ Burns and Mike ‘Quick’ Swick (wait, that’s his actual nickname? Seriously?). But where one side presents clever barbs, the other goes straight for the ‘you suck too much’ jugular:

“Why would Neil want to fight James again? I don’t understand. If James went and strung some wins together maybe you could justify it, but he’s on a four-fight losing streak,” he said. “And as for the car park, I don’t think he would win out there either. We’ve got no interest in this fight.”

Ouch. I can’t disagree with a word of it, but ouch. Thompson got straight screwed against Kimbo, but he really hasn’t done anything to deserve a rematch against Grove, even though Grove’s career highlight thus far was a one fight stint in the UFC. I hate it when a guy gets cut after losing his UFC debut, even if it is against a beefed up LHW that took the fight on late notice (Mike Ciesnolevicz). Hopefully Neil can defend the Ultimate Challenge belt a couple of times and get another shot to shine. And if he wants an easy KO victory, maybe he shouldn’t be so adverse to knocking James Thompson out again?