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The least deserving of them all

In response to some people’s opinion that Brock Lesnar hasn’t earned a shot for the title against Randy Couture, MMARated has put together a list of the most undeserving fighters to ever get a title shot. The ultimate irony here is that the least deserving dude to get a shot actually won the belt off it! Yep, who else but Matt Serra:

It’s crazy to think that all Matt Serra needed to do to earn a shot against St-Pierre was defeat Pete Spratt, Shonie Carter, and Chris Lytle.   Clearly, Serra had no business fighting for the title, and many of the UFC’s top welterweights voiced their displeasure over this fact.   However, despite being one of the most undeserving title challengers of all-time, the Long Island-native delivered one of the most shocking upsets in MMA history when knocked out the champion in dramatic fashion.   Even if Matt Serra doesn’t win another fight for the rest of his career, he will always be remembered as a former UFC champion.

I dunno if that fact actually works in Matt’s favor. Being known as “that guy who didn’t deserve a shot and didn’t deserve the belt” doesn’t sound like the sweetest place to sit in history. His reign as champion will be mocked forever in sports trivia history, up there with that time David Arquette was WCW champion. Except Serra’s title shot wasn’t the result of some stupid advertising / marketing ploy. Oh wait, yes it was!