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The latest Fedor contract negotiations: 2010/06/27 to ???

I know some pretty big shitheads, and one of the ways these shitheads let their shittitude fly is via being total cunts to their loving, long suffering girlfriends. I have no idea why these ladies put up with the crap they do, and I must ask the same to Showtime and Strikeforce for continuing to put up with the bullshit of Fedor Emelianenko and his gang.

There’s very little proof that Fedor has done anything to help Strikeforce so far. His signing took Strikeforce’s eye of the Gina Carano / Cris Cyborg superfight, which the promotion then dropped the ball on. Instead of Gina vs Cyborg on CBS, it was Fedor vs Brett Rogers and the ratings sucked. He followed this up by refusing to fight on the second CBS card until his contract was re-negotiated, leaving the event without a decent headlining fight. Then he lost to Fabricio Werdum in just over a minute in June.

At this point you’d think Strikeforce would finally have the ball in their court. Maybe they’d be able to exert a little control over what Fedor did for the third and final fight on his contract! Nope. Instead, it’s been six months since the loss and Fedor’s people are still in negotiations with Showtime over his NEXT contract, one that would also see Emelianenko’s promotion company M-1 Global mooch it’s way onto the premium cable network.

It’s pretty nice of Strikeforce not to lay an egg over M-1 trying to muscle in on their network deal. Sometimes I think Vadim Finkelstein could blow a load all over Scott Coker’s face and Scott would do nothing but brag about how their partnership had just ‘come’ to the next level. With both Showtime and Strikeforce taking it hard and deep to please the Last Emperor, how dedicated is he to them? Not very. From MMA Junkie:

Kogan added that Jan. 29 is “not on the table,” though he declined to discuss further details of negotiations.

Earlier this month, Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker echoed Kogan’s comments when he said Emelianenko’s return looks more certain than ever.

“I think we’re moving in the right direction,” he told following “Strikeforce: Henderson vs. Babalu II.” “It sounds like it’s getting very close.”

M-1 Global head Vadim Finkelstein in October told that his company is negotiating primarily with Showtime to secure Emelianenko’s return and said the heavyweight’s next opponent has not been a sticking point in talks. He said talks for Emelianenko to fight Silva did not go past the preliminary stage.

As to how long the Russian heavyweight can remain on the shelf, the executive said the fighter’s current deal is “open to interpretation.”

“There’s a reasonable period of time when the fight has to happen, and pretty soon now we’ll know whether or not it will be a fight under the existing contract or a new contract,” Finkelchtein said. “We have an agreement in place, and that agreement has one more fight on it.

“If we have to operate under that agreement, that’s perfectly fine. But if we have the opportunity to make the relationship more long term, than certainly we’re open to that as well. So we feel fine about that in terms of Fedor’s career because we know at some point very soon, he’s going to have a fight.”

So to summarize: Fedor is refusing to fight on Strikeforce’s upcoming January card because he wants the fight to be under a new contract, not the old one. That means he fought all of ONE fight under the original contract he signed, held out for a new deal, had one fight under that, and is now HOLDING OUT AGAIN.

After consistently fucking Strikeforce’s shit all through 2009 – 2010, you’d think they’d tell him where to shove it but there’s something magical about Fedor that makes dumb fight execs blind to the damage he causes promotions. The situation is so obvious it’s almost hard to fault Fedor. When Showtime and Strikeforce are so eager to act like quivering pussies, is it really so wrong to fuck them?

  • iamphoenix says:

    “Bend over, you will like.”


  • subo says:

    Say what you want about M-1, but they know a sucker when they see one.

  • Reverend Clint says:

    hey fedor is that a new gold tooth or vladims wedding band?

  • Lesnar.Dancer says:

    Look…. nobody ever said they were fighting.

    Somebody at mmaweekly reported it from a source close to the negotiations, which means jack shit.

    Fight was never inked, thus pulling out of the fight never happened.

    Non story.

  • iamphoenix says:

    ^I like the part where fedor’s dick is firmly in your throat.

  • Jim says:

    Has Fedor got the Russian mob behind him or something? I don’t understand how he has bargaining power. He’s virtually unknown & he has no other fight orgs to fight for.

  • Symbul says:

    Their fallbacks are either going to Japan hoping for a few more paydays but that scene is not doing too well financially or otherwise so that’s sketchy. The potential upside for M-1 is probably limited too. They seem to have their eyes on the American market.

    The other one is, if push comes to shove, go to the UFC with a worse deal. They wouldn’t get away with the shit they can pull on Showtime there but it’s not as if Zuffa wouldn’t pay him good money still.

    But I don’t know that he does well at all against the elite true heavyweights we have today. Slimmed up and cutting weight Fedor could probably make Middleweight but I don’t know if he’s cut weight at any point in his career and he’s not gonna start now.

  • chim55 says:

    lesnar.dancer, im so so glad that you re here to keep us all on the straight and narrow.

    Keep it up, everything that is “Non story”, you just shoot it down for us and we ll never have to discuss, think, hypothesise , ponder, muse, or heaven forbid, …… FIGHTLINK!! or any of those other pesky things that China does nt like ppls doing.


  • thingvolds says:

    “but there’s something magical about Fedor that makes dumb fight execs blind to the damage he causes promotions. The situation is so obvious it’s almost hard to fault Fedor”

    nothing magical. its simply the fact that he is the GOAT, and still has a couple years left in him.

    obviously vadim finkelstein and m1 have fucked fedor and strikeforce over. in the most recent fedor interview i read, he actually makes a vague hint that this could be the case.

  • iamphoenix says:

    he is not the fucking GOAT!! blarg!!!

  • glassjawsh says:

    i used to love fedor

    now i hate him so bad it makes me poop

    so thanks for that vadim

  • Lesnar.Dancer says:

    Actually this is a bigger nonstory that Mirkos eye injury before the Mir fight.

    Fucking douche bags.

  • Lesnar.Dancer says:

    And nobody is saying M-1 aren’t a bunch of motherless four flushing money grubbing shits… but whatever.

  • chim55 says:

    why you discussing a “Non story”

  • iamphoenix says:

    L.D, it’s hard to understand you, there seems to be a giant pair of balls lodged in your mouth…should I call the Ambalamps?

  • subo says:

    It’s Amber Lamps.

  • iamphoenix says:

    you should know you fuckin racist!! BAAAAAALLLLLIIINNN!!!!!

  • FiveBoltMain says:

    Fedor who?

  • Futanari Cum Dumpster says:

    lol if you think this washed up piece of shit is still relevant in 2010-2011

  • agentsmith says:

    What Strikeforce doesn’t seem to realize is that thanks to this never ending bullshit combined with his loss to Werdum, I’d say the vast majority of MMA fans are pretty much over Fedor at this point. Hell, only the hardcore fans even knew who the fuck he was in the first place. Strikeforce could tell him and M-1 to go fuck each other, and they would lose literally almost nothing. It’s already been proven that he doesn’t draw significant viewers anyway, and nowhere near enough to justify his paycheck let alone his prima donna bullshit.

  • Futanari Cum Dumpster says:

    strikeforce could but they wont because ken hershmann or whoever scott coker’s top this week is doesnt know anything about promoting mma