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The last UFC 88 D-Blog

Somewhat lost in the shuffle of UFC 88 madness was Dana White’s Saturday vlog – which I now officially rechristen the D-Blog. Typically these things are just a lot of asshattery but this one gives you an interesting view of what Dana does pre, during, and post event. It clocks in at nearly 14 mins, so if you’re strapped for time I advise you skip from 5:00 – 10:00, it’s just them eating food and pressing palm with a bunch of people.

Some items of note:

-Pretty crazy about the Karo Parisyan hamstring problem – pretty stupid too that he didn’t get it fixed.

-That dude with the wicked Japanimation (or anime, as the homos call it) shirt is Takashi Shimada, one of the guys behind Kinnikuman. If Kinnikuman seems familiar to you, that’s because he came here in the form of tiny easy to swallow toys and an oldschool NES game called M.U.S.C.L.E. I spent about 45 minutes looking for a place where we could get a shirt like that but failed. If anyone from Japan (Koolpaw, Roxy, and Supercrap, I am singling you out!) knows enough of that squiggly line jumbo considered writing over there to find an online Kinnikuman store, I’d forever be in your debt.

-If that fat dude near the end looks a lot like BJ Penn, then BJ Penn ain’t looking too good as he moves up to 170. Speaking of that, I wonder how he’s gonna look at welterweight with his new nutrition and conditioning coach running the show. Maybe he’ll have a six pack or coconut rack or whatever Hawaiians call abs?

-Mayhem Miller makes an appearance right at the end of the video, for all you peeps out there who find him amusing.