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The last one for real

Okay, one more post about Dancing with the Stars, but only because I really love posting up pictures of Chuck Liddell Dancing Like a Tard. Here’s the Iceman’s thoughts on getting bumped off the show:

“I’m okay.  We worked real hard and I feel bad. I feel like I kind of let her down a little bit,”

“I wish I could of done better for her.  She worked real hard with a guy that’s not real good at dancing.”

“I am disappointed a little bit. I would have liked to been around a little longer, there were a couple other dances we were working on that I wanted to do,” Liddell told Kimmel.

“But I do want to get back to doing something that I know I’m good at. I had to go back to the gym every once and a while just to let myself fell good about myself. Like, ‘Hey, I’m still good at something, because I’m really not good at [dancing].'”

In addition, Liddell said that Trebunskaya had several nicknames for him during their partnership.

“I went from a dancing bear to a dancing hippo,” he said.  “All I needed was a tutu and I would have been from Fantasia.”

Liddell said he can’t be angry at Dancing with the Stars’ judging panel for criticizing his dance moves since they were simply speaking the truth.

“They’re knocking me for stuff that I was doing bad, so how am I going to get mad at them?  I was doing bad,” he said.

In another interview he talks about how his early departure was caused by his demographic not giving a shit about dancing:

“My fan base is the complete opposite of this show,” he said. “We’re 18- to 35-year-old males — that’s my target demographic. That’s what I do well in.”

While attending a recent fighting event in Las Vegas, Liddell said, fans told him they hadn’t been watching the show and, hence, had not been voting. “A lot of people were like, ‘I don’t want to watch you dance — I want to watch you fight.’ “

But still, I feel shame that one of the biggest UFC fighters in the universe couldn’t last longer than that snowboarding punk Louie Vito.