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The KO of the Night you didn’t see

No knockouts on the main card of last night’s UFC 149 card, but there was a doozy on the prelims: Canadian Ryan Jimmo tied Duane Bang Ludwig for fastest KO in UFC history by catching Anthony Perosh 7 seconds into their fight with a nice overhand right. That earned him a cool $65,000 for KOTN. Sub of the night went to Matthew Riddle for that slick arm triangle he caught Chris Clements in standing up. Just another reason not to throw that spinning shit, boys and girls. As for Fight of the Night, that goes to Bryan ‘Mr Miesha Tate’ Caraway and Mitch Gagnon.

  • kvelertak says:

    We saw it. It was on the prelims. haha

    Also I saw it at the bar on ESPN at number 4.

  • TheBatmanFan says:

    “Ryan Jimmo, Anthony Perosh, Chris Clements, Mitch Gagnon…”

    All these names sound vaguely familiar…
    at least I think they do…
    but fuck if I could place the name to a face or describe what they do other then being on zuffas’ roster.

    Although I suppose that I am to assume that they’re all much more exciting then Killa B and better prospects then Gegard Mousasi.

    (Yes, Gegard just signed an extended SF contract, but they should have gotten him before that and they’ve gotten guys out of an SF contract before if they wanted them. Even if they had to fire overeem and then rehire him.)