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The Ken Shamrock fight is a farce

I suppose I should be used to shit like this by now, but it still drives me nuts when websites post up ultimo ass licking interviews with fighters.

In an exclusive interview with, Shamrock was extremely spirited in letting us know that he will quit fighting when he’s good and ready. He’s not trying to prove that he’s the best fighter in the world right now. Shamrock makes no bones about it, he just wants to have some fun at this point in his career, and to the forty five year old founder of the Lion’s Den, having a little fun involves a good scrap.

Shamrock will worry about Tank when he has to but he has bigger things on his plate right now, much bigger. On Friday night, the former UFC champion will square off with the most gigantic opponent that he has ever faced when he takes on Ross Clifton.

Clifton may not hold the most impressive record at 6-8, but seriously, the guy weighs in at right around the 400 pound mark and stands at a humongous 6′ 8″ tall. Shamrock could care less how big his opponent is. He is brimming with confidence and he is eager to show the world that he is far from done in this business.

Anyone who treats this Ross Clifton fight as anything other than a fucking farce is ignoring reality. This jaunty hype up article belongs in the garbage and Ken Shamrock needs to stop doing things that are raping his ‘legacy’, such as it stands now. It’s already been used for toilet paper over the past two years so there’s not a hell of a lot left to it. Still, Shamrock did manage to sully it to a new degree with this Clifton fight.

Clifton, if you didn’t know, is 6-8 and on a three fight losing skid. He’s 6’8 worth of shit, a 360 behemoth that looks more like a contestant for the Biggest Loser than an MMA fighter. He’s so disgusting that he wears a shirt in the cage while fighting. NOTHING good ever comes from an MMA fight where fat dudes are wearing shirts.

How the California State Athletic Commission is even allowing this fight to go on is beyond me … Kenny boy has to bring a milkshake or three to the weigh-ins to hit 207 pounds while Clifton is so fat he probably deserves a weight class above super-heavyweight to hold him. If this was anywhere else I’d have my doubts that this fight would even go on. But this is CSAC territory and they’re fucking dopes. So I guess anything is possible.

Anyways, long story short: this fight is an abomination, the equivalent of Muhammad Ali fighting Doink the Clown if only Ken Shamrock could still pull an iota of the respect we reserve for Ali. But at this point, I don’t think he does. Ken has had a history to be proud of but at this point he’s pouring buckets of feces on his reputation, win or lose.