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Dana White should know by now that as soon as he makes assumptions on who’s gonna win a fight in order to set up future fights, shit ALWAYS goes awry. Like super crazy awry. Tonight was no exception as Chuck Liddell was facing off against Rashad Evans. The worst kept secret in the world was that Chuck would get a title shot against Forrest Griffin on NYE if he beat Rashad. So what happened? Rashad Evans knocked Chuck Liddell the fuck out. The jinx lives.

I’m sure this KO will be all over the internets in the next few hours, but let me try to explain to you what happened: Rashad Evans stayed on the outside dancing around like a fool, and Chuck Liddell was forced to push forward and chase him. This went on for the entire first round, with Rashad’s corner telling him to keep it up because it was pissing Chuck off. Round two starts, Chuck pushes forward again and walks right into a massive overhand right from Rashad.

When Chuck got knocked out by Rampage, it wasn’t all that satisfying. It was a beautiful ‘on the button’ punch, but it didn’t look devastating. Rashad’s punch, on the other hand, made me fear for Chuck’s life. Liddell hit the ground like a wet rag and just lay there all limp. When Dean checked him out, his head lolled like a dead 80’s action film henchman with a broken neck.

Y’all know I don’t like Rashad, but one thing I do love is chaos. And this win by Rashad throws everything we were expecting at light heavyweight in the trash. Now I don’t think anyone knows what the fuck is going to go on. Who’s next in line for a title shot? Will Rampage vs Wanderlei still happen? Will Machida get a shot now by default? Will the UFC try to turn runty lemons into shitty lemonade with Rashad vs Forrest?

The fight was pretty boring right up to that spectacular knockout. But the fallout from Chuck losing is gonna be more exciting than the best of cage fights. Chaos!