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The inevitable Anderson / Fedor chatter starts

Okay, here’s the deal: I’m going to pretend to a certain degree that the last two Anderson Silva fights didn’t happen and that he’s still totally awesome. So when I speak of him in reverent terms, don’t think I’ve forgotten about the crapfests against Leites and Cote. I’m just going to (incorrectly?) assume they were aberrations – glitches in the Matrix – and will never happen again. That’s all I really can do. Because if I resigned myself to thinking Silva is turning into a Lyoto Machida type character, I couldn’t get excited about the following:

White said that Silva also expressed an interest in fighting heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko, who is under contract with Affliction. White has made several attempts to sign Emelianenko, none successful.

Soares confirmed that Silva would like a fight with Emelianenko and said that size wouldn’t be an issue. Silva walks around between fights at 215 and Emelianenko fights around 230.

“We’d come in at about 220 if we ever got that fight,” Soares said. “Anderson thinks that would be a great fight for him. He didn’t say he expected to blow him out, but he thinks he can give him a very good fight.”

The all but guaranteed Silva / GSP is already awesome enough that I get half wood just thinking about it. The possibility of Silva and Fedor going at it makes me mess in my pants. And hey, while I don’t see Fedor cracking and joining the UFC any time soon, at least now we might have a silver lining in Anderson Silva leaving the UFC to fight Roy Jones Jr? If he’s just allowed to go without a gigantic legal quagmire erupting … which I suppose upon more thinking isn’t very likely. Hmmm.