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The Incredible Expanding UFC on Versus 4 Post!

Craziest. Comeback. Ever. (gif via Smoogy on the UG)

Awards for the night were at 50k each and went to Cheick Kongo for KO of the Night and Joe Lauzon for Sub of the Night (he nearly ripped Curt Warburton’s arm and shoulder off in the prelims). FOTN went to another prelim, Charles Oliveira vs Nik Lentz. It was a sick fight and deserved the award even though the ref missed a clear illegal knee to a grounded Nik Lentz and the fight will probably end up being a No Contest. Unfortunate that Versus was too busy showing Colon Flow ads to fit it in!

Casey from All Elbows got this post-fight shot of Lentz’s fucked up face. He was getting the ketchup squeezed out of him at the end there by Oliveira.

For the MMA bean counters: The Pittsburgh event had 7792 attendees for a $562,310 gate. That beats Zuffa’s Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix event from last weekend, which had 7639 and $543,000.

Cagewriter’s got pictures up from the event, including a couple great ones from that effing retarded Kongo comeback / knockout.

Pat Barry talks about how close the fight came to stopping and if he felt Dan Mirglioatotaoa almost pull him off Kongo during one of his knockdowns.

Joe Lauzon savages Curt Warburton in the prelims for a zesty 50k bonus. This gif and 200 more at Iron Forges Iron.

Cheick Kongo proves that Kimbo style beards help protect your chin from knockout blows. Thoughts? Do you dig his noble facial stylings or does it look more like the pube-stache from Jackass?

Matt Brown talks about seeing a sports psychologist and how he’s “gotta be smart, gotta have a strong enough mind.” I think the stress of staring into the abyss of unemployment got to him a little.

  • scissors61 says:

    kongo caught pat right behind the ear serra-style there. very nice 

  • fightfan says:

    Just came back from the Versus show. The pre lims kicked a$$ and the Barry/Kongo was good. Nate really screwed sh&t up. The arena holds almost 20,000 and I am willing to bet that it wasnt half full. Anyone know the attendence? And Damn does UFC/Dana Whtie give u awesome seats for freebee!!

  • fightfan says:

    Scalpers that bought up all the tickets were stuck with stacks of 50, 60 tickets. They couldnt sell $100 seats for $30. Everywhere u looked people holding stacks of tickets and asking for buyers and ticket very cheap. All I can say about that is…good for u scalpers that buy up all the tix. A big F U and LOL

  • fightlinker says:

    Haha nice, love it when scalpers lose out. Scalping up a UFC Fight Night = not the smartest

  • CAP says:

    Ha I was screaming at BigTanDan to stop the fight as Barry was blasting Kongo…then THAT happened!

  • P W says:

    I was surprised how openly Rogan and Goldberg admitted that they are scared of big black men, and how fucking stupid it was of them to praise Murgi-Ray-Liotta for doing a really awful job.

    “Dan almost stopped the fight there”, I mean for fucks sake, listen to yourself, ALMOST stopped the fight?! “It’s the most incredible come-back we’ve ever seen!” Yes, because even the shittiest of refs stop the fight in time! These kind of situations aren’t supposed to happen!

    It’s like a basketball coach saying “Yeah, I totally planned that” after his team having zero offense and forced to throw up a hail Mary-three at the buzzer and miraculously making it.

  • CAP says:

    I am also shocked Nick Lentz was in “Fight of the Night”. I need to see it to believe it.

    Any one else notice Pat Barry’s face right after he got starched? His eyes were bugging wide open, it didn’t look pretty!! Hope his knee is ok it got folded pretty good when he went down.

  • SST says:

    Pat “Hands Down” Barry looked like he was ready to cry.