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The Incredible Expanding UFC 154 Post

Gifs vis Jill Sandwich

As expected, Georges did not jump on the opportunity to call Anderson Silva out following his fight. Instead…

After the win, St-Pierre refused to fully commit to a fight with Silva.

“I know Anderson Silva is here right now,” St-Pierre said. “I was focusing on Carlos Condit. I want to take some time for myself.

“I want to talk to my manager and my team and decide what is best for me.”

My dream answer would have been “First I weel defence my title against Johny Hendricks and then I will crush Anderson Silva!”

ESPN has a couple pics up from the fights.

As does MMA Fighting.

Via Zombie Prophet’s 154 gif round-up, Alessio Sakara unloads several textbook back of the head shots on Patrick Cote. Fortunately this time the result was a DQ.