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The Incredible Expanding UFC 153 Post

(Esther Lin’s gallery of UFC 153 is up over at MMA Fighting. Above, Fabio Maldonado being perfectly willing and capable of continuing to fight.)

(Buried deep in the bowels of the UFC’s website is one of the most massive galleries of MMA photography on the internet. Yet you can’t even access it from the menu. Sad, because there’s 200 amazing shots from UFC 153 in there. Go check em out!)

There was no translation of the shit Anderson Silva was saying during the post-event press conference. But now through the magic of the MMA blogosphere we have exactly what he was talking about. Anderson on Georges St Pierre:

“I think it’d be a great challenge for me,” Silva said. “I prefer him over Jon Jones. He’s smaller. It’ll be a little bit easier. I’ll be hit less.”

Anderson on fighting Jon Jones:

“This is not something I would like to happen because the times I’ve seen Jon Jones, he’s also mentioned that he would not like to fight. (me),” Silva said. “We are UFC employees. I wouldn’t like for this to happen because in our team, we have (Antonio Rodrigo) ‘Minotauro’ (Nogueira), we have (Rafael) ‘Feijao’ (Cavalcante), we have (Wagner) ‘Caldeirao’ (Prado). We have athletes in his division that can fight him. And I’m old. I’m getting old, guys.”

Anderson on his ‘back to the cage’ strategy:

“Rafael ‘Feijao’ [Cavalcante] is the guy who [helps with my takedown defense], and one of the things he told me was that [Bonnar] was so much heavier that I needed to defend myself well from [takedowns],” said Silva. “He told me if I kept my back to the Octagon that it would be much harder for [Bonnar] to take me down, because he would have to use a lot of strength.”

“Everyone in my corner was trying to kill me, but I just felt comfortable with my back against the cage,” said Silva. “As I’m from the lower weight division, I was much quicker than he was, so I could [slip] past his strikes before he made them. For me, it was easier to have my back to the cage, and it helped me conduct the fight the way I wanted.”

Pffft. He just said that because it’s a classier sounding answer than ‘I was punking the guy, obvs!”

(gifs via Jill Sandwich)

(gifs via The Fight Blog)

(via UFC’s Facebook Page)

Notes from the press conference:

  • Fight of the Night goes to Jon Fitch vs Erick Silva
  • KO of the Night goes to Rony Jason (Anderson Silva didn’t need the cash anyways)
  • Submission of the Night goes to Big Nog
  • Awards are 70k a pop, apparently because Stephan Bonnar pressured Dana to make em that high.
  • Fabio Maldonado’s job is safe
  • Dana White on Silva vs Jones: “I know Anderson Silva is saying no no no, but with the amount of money offered for that fight, I guarantee I’ll make him say yes yes yes.”
  • Anderson said something about having 5 years left in the sport. But who knows what his answer will be next week.
  • Anderson also repeated his standard ‘I have teammates at 205 who will challenge Jones” answer.
  • Dana White says they’ll talk about tae kwon do (Silva’s wacky desire to compete in the Olympics) and Jones.
  • Big Nog resists a reporter’s attempt to get him to spontaneously retire ‘on a high note.’
  • Dana re: Strikeforce “I don’t run that show. Ask the guy that runs it.”
  • Dana on WMMA: “I’m warming up to it and thinking about sticking my toe in it.”


“Jiu jitsu doesn’t work on me.” – Dave Herman, seen above eating his words.

Demian Maia squeezes some fresh Rick Story brainjuice.

Wagner Prado is now 1-0 vs Hat snatchers (via Bloody Elbows selection of wacky happening gifs)