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The Incredible Expanding UFC 130 Post!

First off, let’s do the awards of the night:

  • Fight of the Night: Brian Stann vs Jorge Santiago
  • KO of the Night: Travis Browne
  • Sub of the Night: Gleison Tibau

Pretty obvious choices on all three, they were the only matches that ended with finishes. I thought Thiago Alves vs Rick Story and Miguel Torres vs Mighty Mouse were more exciting but it’s hard not to give FOTN to the Marine who did the stand and bang thing on Memorial Day weekend and delivered the fireworks.

The list of guys off to the hospital: Frank Mir with a broken jaw and broken rib, Stefan Struve, Jorge Santiago, and Michael McDonald. Brian Stann also has a broken thumb but stayed for the press conference because he’s a WURRIOR!

Man, the reporters asking questons at the post-event press conference are being extra blunt. Check out some of this action:

  • To Matt Hamill: “You seemed to look visibly defeated in the second and third round, to be honest”
  • On the main event: “Dana, can you give us your thoughts on the main event and how it played out, obviously the crowd wasn’t that into it.”
  • Re: Quinton Jackson getting a title shot: “Is that the type of performance you can get a title shot off of?”
  • To Rampage Jackson: “Have you been thinking about how you haven’t gotten a knockout in a few years?”
  • Another question for Rampage: “What do you think you needed for a KO? Or did you just gas out or?”

Here’s Quinton Jackson talking about the hand injury:

“I didn’t want to tell anyone about it I was trying to put my injuries out of my mind. I hurt my hand in Japan back in December at Christmas mucking around fighting my friend in the hallway.”

He says in addition to the fractured hand from before the fight, he thinks he hurt his other hand during the fight on Matt Hamill’s head.

MMA Weekly has some pics up from the event already.

Two motherfuckers who rip it up on da mic (via the UFC’s facebook page)

Fightmetrics are up for Frank Mir vs Roy Nelson and Quinton Jackson vs Matt Hamill. Nothing all that exciting hiding in the stats though.

A lot of press are shitting on UFC 130 for sucking, taking extra time to pile on the main event and Quinton Jackson. Even guys who are typically UFC lickspittles like Kevin Iole are filing stories like “Fans jeer Jackson after UFC 130 win”:

A poor main event capped a desultory Ultimate Fighting Championship pay-per-view Saturday, as boos, and a few tossed beers, rained down upon the cage after Quinton “Rampage” Jackson scored a unanimous decision victory over Matt Hamill in the main event of UFC 130 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

The card was not very captivating, but the main event made it seem even worse. Hamill said he would break Jackson’s will, but all that was broken was the will of the spectators to watch more.

Gifs are up at Iron Forges Iron. This was the most action packed one.

Sounds like Roy Nelson might be gettin the “No Fatties” boot from Dana White…

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