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The Incredible Expanding UFC 126 Post

The inevitable Vitor foot licking mashup! Yes, that really is Mr Belfort. After all, he doesn’t have sex, he make the love.

Fightmetric proves what everyone but Rich Franklin’s corner already knew: Forrest Griffin won that fight handily.

Zach Arnold has a transcription of Kid Yamamoto’s interview with Ariel that’s accurate down to Kid’s engrish:

“I show everybody, you know, like I got taken down like 4-5 times, like little girl, you know. It’s no good. I thought, you know, more stand-up, you know, but… he took me down, you know, but I learn, you know. Next time I’m going to watch the takedowns. Yeah, takedown defense and then I’m going to takedown, too, I’m going to try takedown. I get more focused. I see many UFC fights, you know, today, many like winner guy did more takedowns and pound, hit. Yeah, that’s what it’s about.” has their gallery up from the best photographer’s spot in the arena. Here’s Anderson Silva saying ‘Talk to the hand.’

Dana White doesn’t blame Miguel Torres for a boring fight – he’s unimpressed with Antonio Banuelos:

“Actually, my criticism is to Antonio,” White said. “You notice he closed the distance that last 10 seconds of the third round? He couldn’t do that the first three rounds?

“He stood on the outside of the jab and got picked apart all night, and his corner kept telling him, ‘What are you doing? Get inside. Don’t stay outside and get picked apart.’ If you get hit with those kind of punches, at least get inside and rough him up, too. He did it the last 10 seconds of the third round.”

Fair enough, but I’m still upset that I went to McDonalds for the Big Mac and ended up with a Filet-o-Fish instead. And what, the new Miguel Torres will always be this way? Am I supposed to be happy? I don’t care how well the strategy worked against Banuelos – there’s a lot of fighters that would have pushed right in and overwhelmed him. I guess we’ll see how well Torres can deal with that kind of thing now that he has this new lame fighting style.