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The Incredible Expanding UFC 123 post

If it wasn’t bad enough that Karo Parisyan’s short, jiggly abortion of a performance got shown TWICE last night, he’s also out of a job:

“I’ll never put a fighter in harm’s way,” White said. “But Karo came in here tonight and proved he can’t compete at this level anymore.”

The way Dana tells it, it was Karo contacting him about getting back in the UFC, not the other way around. Let’s hope the guy gets another shot … when he’s actually ready for it this time.
Fightmetric has the Jackson / Machida fight as a draw on the 10-point must system and Machida as the winner via their arcane winner-ness calculation. As far as I can tell, this is based completely off more ‘significant’ leg kicks in the first round, which seems ridiculous when you remember Quinton Jackson nearly decapitating the dude with uppercuts. Leg kicks are important, but let’s not get crazy now.
Fortunately, Dana White says there will be no immediate rematch. Thank you, baby Jesus.

As for BJ Penn’s future, he’s being somewhat laissez-faire:

“You know what? For the first time in my career, I’m going to let Dana make that call,” Penn said. “Whatever Dana says, we’ll go with that.”
That left the boss in shock.
“Holy [expletive],” White gasped.

Which has already led to a proposed fight between BJ Penn and Jon Fitch at UFC 127 in Australia.
A lot of people want to retool the entire judging system over Rampage / Machida. Some are saying this is exactly why we need five round main events. Others say this all could have been ‘fixed’ by half point scoring, or even a 20-point must system.
And hey, even though he didn’t need it, Rampage still had a reason for losing ready to go:

“None of you guys know this, but this fight was almost canceled a few days ago because I caught a fever from my son and was throwing up and everything and had to cut weight,” he said. “I was like, ‘I almost didn’t make it to the fight.’ But I didn’t want to let my fans down. I really wanted to come in and do everything I had and give it my all since Detroit was so pumped for this fight.”

Ariel Helwani’s post-123 interview with Dana White. Sounds like the ‘big make-up’ fight Dana was talking about post-UFC 112 is officially dead.
The Palace at Auburn Hills can hold a staggering 24,000 people, so I was very interested to see how attendance did for UFC 123. The answer: 16,400 people for a 2.1 million gate.
Australia > Germany. The UFC is going to feed Dennis Siver to George Sotiropoulos in Australia. It’s not a shoe-in victory, but we all know what direction this is supposed to go.
This quote from Pat Miletich before the Penn / Hughes 3 fight seems extra relevant now:

 Jonathan Snowden: When you have two top fighters, the littlest things can be huge. What was the difference between Hughes and Penn on that night?
Pat Miletich: B.J. was hungry man. He came out and got Matt early and that’s what you have to do with Matt. Guys are not going to win a long drawn out battle with Matt. If you don’t get Matt early or get Matt hurt early, you’re in for a really crappy night because he’s going to wear you down. His strength and his power – it’ll wreck you. 

  • SST says:

    This has got to be the first fight in MMA history where foot stomps were significant to getting the decision.

  • SST says:

    Fitch is the new Okami of the welterweight division. He’s never getting another title shot.

  • Tanhauser says:

    I would LOVE to see Penn destroy Fitch.

    I’m almost as tired of Fitch as I am of Guida.

    God… Gomi kills guida and Penn kills fitch in 2011.
    Would be perfect.

  • glassjawsh says:

    thoughts: I’d never seen phil davis fight before but JESUS MAN if he gets any semblance of a standup game going he’s going to be an absolute monster, for sure the type of guy that will have me firmly attached to his scrote if he keeps this up. looking forward to the jones/bader/davis love triangle that will surely be forthcoming in the next 3 years

    g sot didn’t so much win as Joe Lauzon completely shit the bed. unless he got hurt (and i somehow missed it) it’s completely beyond me how he goes from beating the living piss out of george to getting tea bagged and subbed within about 4 minutes

    dana white should seriously consider cutting someone who pulls the shit that falcao did in the 3rd round of the harris fight. dude has some serious hand speed and near homicidal aggression and basically just wiped his nose for 5 minutes. make an example out of someone who wins like a bitch and maybe less people will be tempted to win like bitches.

    yes, rampage won, and yes he looked like shit. i blame machida being a walking quaalude more than i blame rampages gameplan. but hopefully joe silva learned his lesson and will pair rampage with rich franklin after he dusts forrest in february so we can get a decent fight out of him for the first time since 2008

    to all of you BJ haters, suuuuuck myyyyy ballllllllls
    when you add my dislike of matt hughes’ self righteousness to the fact that i live in the goddamn midwest and am friends with guys that wrestled in collge and multiply the factorial with my undying love for the prodigy you get easily the most satisfying fight i have ever had the pleasure of watching live

  • Reverend Clint says:

    fitch vs bj should be pretty fun.

    btw i didnt watch this event yet

  • NinjaCodah says:

    Rampage got the W, but loss. Fans of his saw what they wanted to see last night.

  • P W says:

    Rampage lost that fight. And Machida lost. And the fans lost as well. Anti-climactic ending to an otherwise pretty good night of fights.

    “The UFC is going to feed Dennis Siver to George Sotiropoulos in Australia.”

    And after finishing Siver, Sudokuplus will return to fight on TUF in order to complete his U-shaped trajectory. For fuck’s sake, the guy finished four guys in a row in the UFC. So they gave him Joe Stevenson. After winning against Stevenson, I thought Superdopeulus was ready to advance to the next level. But no, they gave him Pellegrino, I sighed, but looked forward to a nice grapple battle. With Pellegrino disposed, he was finally gonna get a shot at one of the top guys. Instead, they gave him Joe Lauzon. WTF? That’s a step DOWN in competition! And now he’s going up against Siver? What a joke! Joe Silva is smoking so high quality crack.

  • Komodo says:

    BJ was fuckin’ TUNED-IN last night, man. Holy mother of focus that was something to behold.
    How many times did Hughes ask what happened after that? I think I counted two or three.

  • YEAH RIGHT says:

    I liked this card a lot, i felt it was genuinely worth my fitty dollas. Although, what i was most impressed with was Edson Barboza, fucking amazing. I don’t know if it was because i was drunk or what. But i rewatched his fight, and the dude is sick. I looked him up a bit, and he was a Muay Thai champ in brazil. He’s got a black belt too, watch for him to be champ within 2 years. Lullo, his opponent, has sick jits too. I hope they don’t cut him.

  • malonth says:

    For the first time, I’m looking forward to a Jon Fitch fight. I’d love to see BJ KO Fitch. On Rampage v. Machida, I had it scored 29 to 28 Rampage. I don’t really the controversy unless you call the last round a 10/8 in which case the bout is a draw.

  • YEAH RIGHT says:

    Ps bring back the incredible expanding post ufc post, i dig em.

  • Oontyex says:

    if you went on a toilet break during the falco 3rd round and the rampage-machida round 1 and 2 this was maybe the best card of the year :)

    really enjoyed it,
    with falco, considered the rules of the game the responcibility is on his opponent ot bring the fight when he knows he’s 2 rounds down – it highlights why the rules need to be changed though as no one wants to see this, maybae take a page out of pride and add yellow cards or something

    similarly with the rampage-machida rounds 1 and 2, should really be 10-10 both rounds when nothing happens. or at least, everyone can agree that the total of what happened in rounds 1 and 2 together was less than that of round 3, half-point system would amazing, and just reminding judges to 10-10 aswell

  • agentsmith says:

    I thought the Rampage-Machida decision was absolutely correct, Rampage won the first two rounds and Machida won the third. Machida did fuck-all in the first two rounds besides a couple leg kicks and one or two kicks/knees to the body, while Rampage nailed him with a few solid punches and got a takedown. Machida won the 3rd by a much bigger margin than Rampage won the first two, but not by enough to earn a 10-8, so he loses the fight, period. If anything, I think the fact that one of the judges gave it to Machida shows how iffy the judging is in this sport.

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