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The Incredible Expanding Strikeforce GP post

Sherdog has this picture that kinda puts the size difference between Fedor and Bigfoot Silva into perspective. As godawful as the announcing was at tonight’s event, Frank Shamrock had it right: on top was a good place for Silva to be. Also from the Sherdog article, here is Fedor’s translator on Fedor retiring or not:

“Something went wrong from the very beginning, and I couldn’t readjust myself. Maybe it’s time to leave,” he said. “Yes, maybe it’s the last time. Maybe it’s high time. Thank you for everything. I spent a great, beautiful, long sporting life. Maybe it’s God’s will.”

I’ll update with a word for word translation of the Russian that came out of Fedor’s mouth once I find it on the MMA forums.

For a guy who made it sound like he’d maybe get around to seeing the Strikeforce HW GP sometime maybe during a replay or something, Dana White sure had a lot to say right after the event.

Those who have hitched their cart to the Fedor horse are trying to talk down all this retirement stuff:

“The decision is up to Fedor but I think I know him quite well, and he’s full of strength,” Finkelstein said. “He will continue, but the decision is up to him. I will encourage him. He still has a lot to show his fans, and he will show them.”

“As far as retirement, he talked about it, but you know how that goes,” Coker said. “People get very emotional during the fight. We’ll see. But my position is we have many more fights with Fedor and I think he’ll honor his contract.”

But I dunno. Getting practically 10-8’ed by a fighter of Bigfoot Silva’s caliber has gotta hurt your pride. And considering Fedor hasn’t sounded particularly excited about fighting for the past two years, it’s easy to imagine him walking away.

Esther Lin’s got some pictures up from the Fedor / Silva fight, including this one showing off the closed up eye that stopped the fight between the 2nd and 3rd round.

If you look closely at this picture from Tracy Lee, you can actually see some emotion in Fedor’s face. Or maybe it’s just the insane swelling.

Another Tracy Lee joint: GSP and AO hanging out.

Nothing builds up the legitimacy of your tournament like opening the door for the guy who just lost tonight to get back in. Scott Coker raises the possibility that Fedor might return as an alternate (even though tonight featured THREE alternate contender bouts). Meanwhile, the New Jersey athletic commission has given him a 90 day no contact suspension.

There’s a buttload of chatter going down on MMA boards across the net but one topic of conversation that isn’t as hot as you might think is Gina Carano coming back to Strikeforce. Maybe it’s because we know last week was the first time she’s set foot inside a cage in a year and a half. Maybe it’s because no solid date or opponent means it’s not real news. I dunno, something seems off. Normally it’s all boners when Gina’s involved but I just didn’t stiff out to her return tonight.