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The Incredible Expanding Strikeforce GP post (part 2)

Josh Barnett gives Fedor a consolation hug. Man that jacket looks nice and toasty.

You know it’s bad when fans talk about “another classic Andrei Arlovski knockout” in this fashion.

Here’s more info on Fedor coming back as an ‘alternate’:

“There’s absolutely a possibility he could be a replacement,” Coker told ( after the show. “That’s the beauty of the tournament. You don’t know what could happen in the next leg of the tournament. As this tournament unwinds over the year, there could be an injury, and you could see Fedor back in the tournament.”

Decisions about injury replacements ultimately will be made by a Strikeforce committee, as Coker previously announced. And though Shane Del Rosario, Chad Griggs and Valentijn Overeem all won reserve bouts at Saturday’s show, Emelianenko could cut to the front of the line.

Emelianenko undoubtedly would be the biggest draw of the four. But Coker said there would be other reasons for the selection. Namely, that Silva vs. Emelianenko was cut short by an injury.

Jeez, and it wasn’t long ago that we thought we were being nitpicky complaining about Strikeforce’s GRAND COUNCIL OF IMPORTANT DECISIONS. Now they’re already being buttered up to allow the re-entrance of the promotion’s star fighter. Don’t get me wrong – I’m kinda glad there’s a sketchy backdoor open for Fedor to end up in the tournament again. But it’s still amusing levels of bullshit.

A further Council matter … there is another Skywalker Overeem in the wings waiting for a shot in the tournament. If the council doth declare they have decided in their infinite wisdom that they should meet, will they fight each other? The answer (surprisingly enough for Strikeforce) is YES.

Could it be possible that the two meet up to fight at some point? Under the current setup, yes. And both Valentijn and Alistair say that if that’s what happens, they will indeed fight each other in the cage.

“Tournament-wise? Yes. Separate fight? No,” Alistair Overeem said when asked if he would fight his brother. “In a tournament, obviously you advance, so in a tournament fashion we would fight each other.”

“If i get thrown into the tournament, which I hope I do, and I win and he wins, it’s inevitable I guess,” Valentijn said.

With 3 reserve fights tonight plus Fedor that’s four people to choose from. I hope as the tournament continues Strikeforce gets rid of the council ideas and makes the reserves fight in their own mini-tournament. May the best reserve fight! Unless they’re hurt. In which case … oops.

A good look at the eye swelling that stopped the fight.

Sergei Kharitonov celebrates beheading Andrei Arlovski.

ESPN has a surprisingly excellent photo gallery and it includes a pictures of Gina Carano looking kinda cougarish.

  • Jim Harbaugh Scramble says:

    “Namely, that Silva vs. Emelianenko was cut short by an injury.”

    Oh come on. Bigfoot was working that ass. Strikeforce has an awesome night of fights and of course has to follow it up with some bullshit like this.

  • DSPTomK says:

    Doesn’t the tournament structure kind of lose it’s luster if they can just make it up as they go along? And I’ll be as excited as the next guy if Fedor gets back in there if only to take on Overeem, Werdum or Barnett, but saying that he deserves it more than a reserve fighter who actually won his fight because “Silva vs. Emelianenko was cut short by an injury” is idiotic.  The point of a fight is to knock out, submit, or cause damage to your opponent.  Silva hammerfisted Fedors face shut.  That’s a legitimate win in any other universe.  It’s not like it was an accidental injury.

  • fightfan says:

    I loved when Bigfoot basically gave Fedor his neck and said “here it is, try it” that was hilarious. He was SO confident that Fedor could not strangle a silerback gorilla that he let him get his neck, adjust the guillotine and crank away. That was fun to watch. I couldnt beleive at as I watched.

  • Take It Easy says:

    The finger wag at the end of the second round sealed the deal. Fedor was a broken man.

  • subo says:

    Diving for that leg lock was dumb, but I never thought I’d see someone taunting Fedor in the cage.  Ever.

  • Predator8u says:


    Fedor didnt even seem to try to open his eye. Fedor’s DONE, all he got NOW is a kill spirit and our memories.

    Its going to be hilarious when Sergei “who” Kharitonov wins the whole thing. Specially because, Strikeforce business seems all about BIG NAMEs.