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The IFL shoots itself in the foot (again again)

Oh shit, our IFL quota has already gone over but we’re still talking about it! Red alert red alert! But I can’t help it … I love pointing out when the IFL shoots itself in the foot. Sure, it’ll probably cost us about $26 worth of banner advertising from them down the road and a surly email from Kurt Otto sooner or later stating he doesn’t enjoy being called a cockface, but whaddevah. We’re not in this to make money … well, I guess that’s the eventual plan. Hmmm. Fuck.

Back to the IFL shooting itself in the foot. As I’ve said before, IFL news seems to work in a good news / bad news fashion. For example, the good news is XTreme Couture will be participating at the next IFL event. The bad news is that Shawn Tompkins is manning the team, instead of that other guy who has something or other to do with XTreme Couture. What was his name again? It’s on the tip of my tongue. It’s too bad he’s not involved because I hear he’s pretty popular or something.

The newest edition of Good News / Bad News comes in the form of the IFL’s next event, which features XTreme Couture, Top Team, and three belt defences. Not too shabby, and like I said it seems like the IFL has tricked me into watching yet another of their shows. But I’ll probably be one of the few since the event is going to be brutally overshadowed by UFC81, which is the next fucking day.

I don’t understand what the hell is going on in the pea brains of the IFL executives. They did the same fucking thing with their finals, putting it on the same night as UFC79. I’m sure someone kinda thought about that one for a few minutes then decided ‘Blargh, we can just do it like a lead in! Besides, I’ve already got the date printed on all these lame team jerseys!’

Anyways, I’m just saying the IFL ain’t making things any easier for itself. Oh, and Kurt Otto is a cockface.

  • Matt (tapout name shitstain) says:

    Xtreme Tompkins. Even more Xtreme than that other guy who works here.

  • jeff aka whaledog says:

    Tomkins was the coach of Bas’s old Los Angeles team. The team’s been working out of Xtreme Couture for a while, so this makes sense even if it’s a let down.

    My guess is that Randy can’t officially participate because of his reputed employment deal with the UFC. But, I wouldn’t be surprised if Randy made an appearance. Keep your eyes open, for sure.


  • It’s funny when XTreme Couture puts corrections, clarifications, and other stuff on their blog to possibly avoid legal issues. You better believe the UFC’s got people sniffing all over Randy at the moment

  • Ryder says:

    Any idea where you can catch that IFL show live in Canada ?

  • Mobb Deep says:

    ^^^ You seriously wanna watch that shit?

  • Ryder says:

    Better than watching reruns of Las Vegas with the wife!

  • Jerry says:

    Jeff, you didn’t use any foul language or personally insulting remarks. Instead you gave actual information. Shame on you…

  • Xavier says: