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The IFL ‘camp’ concept is FAKE

I haven’t had a chance to watch the new IFL show yet … I’ll probably catch it on Sunday morning, provided it doesn’t aggrivate my hangover to vomit-inducing levels. One of the new things that was convincing me to try it (AGAIN) was the ‘new’ team concept, based around camps. But according to XTreme Couture, the camp system was totally bogus. They submitted a list of 7 fighters for the event, and the IFL only used one. What’s worse, they tried to add fighters from American Top Team to the XTreme Couture team:

We have 35 athletes that train in our Las Vegas gym and proudly wear the Xtreme Couture patch on their shorts during fights.   Yet the IFL decided to field a team called “Xtreme Couture” without putting any Xtreme Couture athletes on the team.   The Patriots didn’t show up in the Super Bowl with a bunch of players from the Packers.   Why would the Xtreme Couture name be put on the line and not be represented by Xtreme Couture fighters.

Man, I really don’t get what the fuck is going on in the heads of the guys running the IFL. They finally have a concept that doesn’t suck balls, and they’re completely destroying it with this contrived bullshit. We’ve already seen they have no respect for the tournament format at all, and now it looks like the ‘camp concept’ is fake as well. Fucking IFL. When are these idiots going to learn?

  • catch says:

    What a bunch of fuckups. It’s like they want to fail. What exactly was the point of switching to the camp system and throwing out all of their efforts to build recognizable teams if they aren’t even actually using a camp system anyway?

  • Atom says:

    I liked the camp idea alot.. I watched the IFL when it used to be convenient, and I probably would have gone out of my way to again if the camp concept started to gain traction. I wonder if it was hard to work out the contracts. If the camp and coaches were the focus, it seems like the fighters they chose could be interchangeable from event to event.

  • Xavier says:

    “They finally have a concept that doesn’t suck balls”

    Despite your shilling, it’s the same f’n concept they had before, they just removed the team city names.

  • haha man Xavier. You’re HARDCORE

  • Tanner says:

    I watched it the yesterday and it wasn’t a great event, none of the fights were that exciting. The 5, 4 minute rounds concept is retarted to boot.

  • ilostmydog says:

    Yeah, I kind of figured this out when Lew Polley got added to Xtreme Couture a few months ago. I knew he was ATT, so this seemed fishy the whole time to me.

  • Captain says:

    I watched also and can’t say I was impressed. Why are we supposed to so impressed with Jay Larkin again?

    On another note, I watched Vazquez/Marquez and that was fucking awesome. How can Gary Shaw do so well with boxing yet fuck up the MMA events so bad?