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The IFL brings in a ringer

One of the big problems with the IFL’s format is that mixed martial arts is a bit more physically demanding than your average league sport. When you’ve got two guys beating eachother up, injuries are gonna happen and they’re going to happen often. Let’s just take a look at the IFL finalist Pitbulls team: their regular heavyweight Bryan Vetell is injured, and now their replacement heavyweight Tom Sauer is also injured. Word is Renzo Gracie wanted light heavyweight alternate Jamal Patterson to step up a weight class but that was nixed by the Florida Athletic Commission. The result: The IFL has brought in former UFC champion Ricco Rodriguez as a ringer.

When looked at in the context of a fight, this is pretty exciting news. The original team matchup would have resulted in Bryan Vetell vs Ben Rothwell, not that hot of a ticket. But Ricco Rodriguez vs Ben Rothwell is a much more interesting matchup … Ben is one of the top dogs in the IFL and many people are excited to see how he fares against ‘major league’ competition. Heh.

But when looked at in the context of, oh I dunno … a fight league, this is some pretty fucked up shit. Honestly, I don’t know enough about the IFL’s stupid rules and procedures to know if this is technically ‘unfair’. But it sure seems unfair to the Silverbacks that at the last minute one of the Pitbulls gets replaced with a former heavyweight champion. If the Pitbulls win because of Ricco, will there be any controversy? Well, maybe there would be if anyone actually gave a shit about the IFL. For me, this is just another example of why the league format is stupid.

  • Thomas says:

    What if the UFC allowed there guys to fight anywhere they wanted and Pat could Spencer Fisher, Matt Hughes, Robbie Lawler and Tim Sylvia. I hate the IFL but being from the east coast is the only semi big league that comes here until the uFC in NOV.

  • Kenny the Swede says:

    Linker- any word on what Ricco is walking around at these days? I don’t watch the IFL, but do they have a 265lb weight limit for heavies like the UFC?

  • MJC_123 says:

    Whats the IFL?
    I have been following Mixed Martial Arts for years and never heard or seen of anything that sounded so rubbish.
    I remember a few months back watching a two hour show of MMA that made no sense and was on the whole awful but surely that was a one-off and never got made into a regular ocurrence?


  • Rollo the Cat says:

    Ricco did an interview last night and he said he will weigh in at 255 or 256.

  • maafaka says:

    “…this is just another example of why the league format is stupid…”

    Nuff said.

  • jlayne3 says:

    I almost found myself caring about what goes on in the IFL…then it passed.

  • I could take a shit behind a desk and put a tie on it and it would do better job at running things than Kurt Otto.

  • Kenny the Swede says:

    Thanks Rollo! Is the interview on the internet somewhere?

  • Rollo the Cat says:


    It is in the archives at

    scroll down

    It is really a great interview all around. One of the best I have heard in a long time.

  • People Person says:

    This isn’t the same Ricco that beat Randy. This is the Ricco who ATE THE RICCO that beat Randy.

    I think calling him a ringer is a little bit of a stretch.

  • Cyrus says:

    Hahah, I can’t wait for Ricco to pound out that little fat-kid beating son of a bitch. IFL, UFC, my backyard – I couldn’t care where a Ben Rothwell ass beating comes from. That uppity fatty needs to be taught a lesson about where he stands in the real world by a fatty who actually knows what he is doing. I’m hoping Ricco submits his ass like a lil’ bitch.