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The Houston Alexander kidney caper!

Shocker! Kevin Iole is back in the news again for shoddy reporting, this time not bothering to confirm a story told to him by Houston Alexander’s camp regarding an incident with the New Jersey Athletic commission. Alexander’s peeps say that the NJAC basically told him an hour before he was going to fight that he wouldn’t be allowed to compete because of his missing kidney (and that fucked him in the head and attributed to his loss that night). Nick Lembo, who was running shit for the NJAC on the MMA side since they canned Larry Hazzard, says otherwise:

“What happened was my concern over the one kidney. I wanted Mr. Alexander to speak to our ringside physician, who was on staff and assigned to that event, and I sent an inspector as a witness and asked Houston to sign a document after our physician explained to him he risks of fighting with one kidney and what would happen to Houston if he damaged that kidney or possibly destroyed that kidney.

“The risks were explained to him. The level of risks were explained to him. It was not described as a high level of risk. I believe it was described that it would take a ‘miracle level kick’ or a ‘one in the million shot’ to damage that kidney. However, he is an adult and he’s free to make that decision but I felt that I would be remiss if I let Houston fight without knowing if he was advised of the possible medical risks.

“He was given that document after presenting the risks to him and was asked to sign a document that he was informed of the risks, aware of the risks, understood them, accepted them, and that he chose to fight.

“The only person that night that could decide not to fight that night was Houston Alexander. He was approved to fight by the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board.”

Okay, on one hand it certainly wasn’t as bad as Houston Alexander’s people made it sound. On the other hand, I imagine being pulled out of your locker room an hour before you’re going to fight and having a doctor tell you that you could very well die out in the cage is something that could mess with your head. I have athlete friends who have very specific pre-competition rituals, and if they don’t get to go through those rituals it fucks them right up in their heads and they end up sucking. It’s stupid, but that’s how it is for some people.

While I’m not about to buy this as an excuse for the loss (I attribute that to Houston’s non-existent ground game), I will say it’s a hell of a thing to pull on a fighter right before they’re going to fight. Why the fuck didn’t these people deal with that issue when Alexander was clearing his medicals?

  • Captain says:

    Wow, this is old. At least you didn’t go on a rant like Adam Morgan did.

  • Have you noticed how little MMA content Iole is producing now? It used to be every other day there was a UFC story. Now not so much

  • Lifer says:

    the day i actually notice how much content iole is producing is the day i finally raise that gun to my temple and say good riddance to this world.

  • selfdestructo says:

    This is what happens when there are 6 weeks between UFC pay-per-view events. Slow boring, irrelevant news.

    “Liddell gets hangnail after finger-bangin skany chick. Says he should be ready in time to fight Rashad Evans.”

    This is just like it was between UFC 73 and 74. I think there was 7 weeks between events.

  • RoB says:

    hey lifer maybe you could shoot me before you shoot yourself….a good old suicide pact, but they couldnt of handle the ” oh yeah about the whole one kidney thing, it could kill you dead,” thing a couple of weeks before the event?

  • godzillad says:

    Considering he literally chokeslammed Thiago out there, he did fine. His ground game does exist, it’s just not shit compared to Silva’s Macacao trained uzi grappling.

    For all we know Thiago could make everyone look like Houston looked, we just haven’t yet.

  • Mike Hunt says:

    So, do we always take the words of ass-covering political appointees at face value?

  • Vale Nada says:

    Perhaps if he had two kidney’s, he’d have twice the ground-game.