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The highest rated female mma fight?

From the Department of OMGWTF via Watch Kalib Run:

The top rated show on cable last week was not the Closer, Burn Notice or Law and Order it was iCarly: iFight Shelby Marx with nearly 7.9 million viewers.

Why does a tween show on Nickelodeon matter?

Well, it featured an MMA storyline (as pictured above, more here) proving that the mixed martial arts is becoming a significant part of American culture. Not to mention the fact that a tween show embraced MMA as a storyline and wasn’t protested by politicians or the Family Research Council or Concerned Mothers for America or any other social/moral group under the guise for corrupting our youth.

As part of my probation agreement, I’m legally barred from subscribing to or watching the Nickelodeon channel. So all you other perverts who haven’t been caught mailing used tissues to Hannah Montana will have to tell me how sexy crappy this was.