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The Heavyweight division still sucks

It’s hard to deny that this whole “Heavyweight Tournament” thing has been an awesome success for the UFC. People went from bitching and moaning about the painfully anaemic state of the UFC’s big boy division to popping boners for Brock and Randy and Nog and yeah even Mir. Now we’ve got a Lesnar / Mir rematch that’s guaranteed to sell like gangbusters (pro wrestling fans demand vengeance!), and we’re pretty much assured a Couture / Nogueira fight whenever Randy is back from filming his next dopey action flick.

All is good in the world – Or is it? Cue ominous music – now!

What people have generally forgotten is that after Mir and Lesnar tussle, there’s not much else going on in the way of contenders. The latest news is that if Gabriel Gonzaga gets past Shane Carwin, he’ll be next in line for a title shot. Now that’s according to Gonzaga, so take this with a grain of salt. But it does make a certain amount of sense … after all, who the fuck else is worthy of getting a shot?

The fact that a dude who has gone 2-1 since his last title attempt is already up for another go at it kinda underlines the problems with the depth of the UFC’s heavyweight division. Past Gonzaga, the only other guy that wouldn’t inspire mockery from us fans is Cheick Kongo. Sure, you have guys like Cain Velasquez and Shane Carwin, but let’s face it … they’re way too green. On the other hand, is there anyone too green anymore considering the current champ has a career record of 3-1?

I know everyone is saying that Lesnar is indestructible and all, but the truth is we haven’t seen enough of him in the ring to make that judgement yet. And if Mir wins again, you’ll have a guy that is one good smack in the face away from crumpling like a doll. Basically you’ve got champions that are bad enough that most title fights will be competitive. That’s a good thing when your top choices for the next #1 contender are guys like Kongo and Gonzaga.

Anderson Silva is a guy that’s so great, he makes the UFC’s middleweight class look like a dusty white piece of dog shit. That’s a division with guys like Dan Henderson, Nate Marquard, Demian Maia, Denis Kang, Yushin Okami, and on and on. You get the point, right? It’s not really that the division stinks, it’s just that Anderson Silva makes everyone else look like a joker. Imagine if you had the same kind of domination going on at the top of the UFC’s heavyweight division! Give into your fanboy urges and visualize Fedor holding the UFC heavyweight belt. Now look at the rest of that division.

Looks pretty crap, doesn’t it? Well, in the case of the heavyweight division, that’s because it is.