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The Happy Hour Episode 81: TRT, TUE, HRE, WTF

This is just a quick reminder to you all that we do a weekly radio show for star members called the Happy Hour, and you can have sweet sweet access to all that extra podcasty content for a mere $20 a year.

Signing up here will get you instant access to the latest show, where Jake and Ryan talk about Nate Marquardt’s testosterone replacement therapy, what happens when you can just get a doctor’s note for shooting steroids, and measure the level of hypocracy going on with the UFC between what happened to Nate and what happened to Chael Sonnen.

We also go over the crazy string of injuries that have quietly plagued the UFC over the past four months, turning a big boner of a summer into a droopy dong of disappointment. UFC 132 is also hyped up, and we reflect on a week of changes and fighter interviews. All this in one hour of Happy Hour goodness. Sign up now!

  • DaddyPants says:

    is there any chance that you could make these an rss feed? i dig the podcast, but am having issues getting it through the rss reader like other podcasts, and its fucking with my emotions.

    thanks man.

  • Letibleu says:

    You lazy fuck!