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The Happy Hour Episode 77: The Jake Show

Those of you who were all sadface about Subo doing the co-host duty on our UFC 130 breakdown podcast will be happy to know that this week’s Happy Hour features Jake giving his oh so astute opinions on the card AND providing hosting duties. Yep, Ryan takes the backseat and lets Jake drive on this one. Rampage’s acting chops get revisited, Tim Boetsch’s rapist looks are ranked against other MMA fighters, and Facebook gets ranked against Spike. Ryan tries to compare Miguel Torres’ career to Star Trek movies, and Jake says many inappropriate things. All this in a 45 minute happy hour.

The Happy Hour is our show for star members, and 20 bucks gets you access to them all as well as helps us continue to make fun of people who do amazing things for a living. If those things appeal to you, consider signing up to get insta-access!

  • NoFlegraPor says:

    I want to see Alves sumbit some one. I’m a huge Thiago fan but I want to see his ground game. Prolly won’t here though…

  • fightlinker says:

    Depends on what you consider ‘seeing his ground game’. I think he’s gonna end up on his back a lot :-p