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The Happy Hour Episode 74: Awesome UFC / Terrorist Killin’ Weekend

Where were you when America shot Osama Bin Laden twice in the face? I know where I was – down in the basement eating Cheetos in my underwear. I can recollect not just because that’s what I’m always up to, but because I was also in the middle of recording a Happy Hour with Subo going over UFC 129 when the news broke.

That show is now up on the website – star members, log in and you’ll see it posted on the front page. Non-star members can either become members or wait till Wednesday for the free Low Blow show, now with 50% more Jake.

(img via Filmdrunk)

  • schz says:

    im a star member and i cant listen to the show, theres nothing on the frontpage and the podcasts section’s newest show is torontomania. thanks 

  • McBayne says:

    ditto, I blame Subotickylicky