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The Happy Hour Episode 60: Brock vs Mexican

With our UFC 121 preview already complete, we dedicate this episode to a number of random topics we wanted to talk about. First up we revisit the ‘Mexican Champion’ thing and the new ad released by the UFC to play up that angle. Then we do a little half-season delving into the Ultimate Fighter, going over our thoughts on the GSP / Koscheck rivalry and some of the prospects from the show.

Then it’s on to news: Randy Couture retiring, Jose Aldo fighting in the UFC, and Scott Coker’s martial arts cred all come up. Then it’s onto some Dana bashing with Dana’s refusal to consider live UFC events a legitimate request and his bitching out and potential blacklisting of CagePotato. Rounding up the show we also talk about how much of a cheater Cheick Kongo is. One hour of MMA talk!


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  • glassjawsh says:

    who gives a shit what rich franklin believes in, its none of your goddamned business. Jake i love you man, you’re hilarious but you come off as a dick sometimes with the “im smarter than you because i know something that NO ONE CAN FUCKING KNOW!!!” bullshit

    get over yourself

    good show though

  • dulljake says:

    ^If it was his economic opinions, or anything else that can be viewed as subjective, I wouldn’t even care. But the dude thinks the Earth is 10,000 years old, so fuck being silent about that shit.

  • G Funk says:

    That’s just blind faith, rather hillarious really…

  • glassjawsh says:

    i dunno it just depends on your perception of it all. I’d kind of say blind faith is one of the most impressive traits humans possess.

    maybe this is the dumbass hillbilly in me saying this (edit: insert deliverance joke) but for some people this kind of stuff is the only reason they have for getting out of bed every day, some people need to believe that there is a point to their existance, what the fuck is it to you if they are using a placebo to make it through?

    to take that away just REEKS of dickheadness

  • subo says:

    Because they get together and fuck it up for the rest of us.

  • frickshun says:

    Good show. I missed the sound of Jake’s voice. But yes, he was up on the soapbox for a bit longer than I would have liked. Not everyone can be smart. Live & let live. FUCKING FAGGOTS.

  • G Funk says:

    Glassjawsh, I’m not anti-religion for the reason of your argument(which had nothing to do with my comment by the way). I just think that anyone who believes the earth is 10,000 years old, ignoring obvious facts that have proven the contrary because some preacher said so falls under the category of blind faith. I happen to find that comical is all, you pig fuckin hillbilly bumbkin boy!

    P.S. If George Lucas wrote Star Wars 2,000 years ago, people would be praying to Yoda and you’d see “skywalker saves!” bumper stickers.

  • FiveBoltMain says:

    Now, now, you kiddies play nice. Don’t make me spank you.

  • G Funk says:

    I don’t know if it’s just a difference in spanish between cultures but the sub-title says “You just fucked the wrong Mexican” ‘WITH’ is a key word that was missed in this translation.

    Sounds like rape revenge!

  • frickshun says:

    Holy shit…..Performity is going all in on Brock to turn Cain into refried beans!! Maybe I need to change that bet?