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The greasing scandal is here to stay

For those of you hoping that this GSP greasing thing was going to go away sooner rather than later, I have bad news for you: BJ Penn has just filed a request with the NSAC for an investigation, and Keith Kizer is giving GSP’s cornermen 20 days to respond. That means this whole situation has gone from being dealt with in real time to being dealt with in slow ass bureaucratic time. Expect a resolution to this thing sometime around April.

Here’s Sherdog with details of the complaint (or you can read the whole thing at MMA Frenzy):

“Mr. Penn’s most critical offensive and defensive strategies, his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, were rendered useless as he was unable to effectively control [St. Pierre] and engage his submission techniques due to Mr. Penn’s legs and arms slipping out of the attempted holds/locks and [St. Pierre’s] ability to readily slip out of the holds/locks due to the highly slippery surfaces on [St. Pierre’s] body,” wrote Penn’s attorney, Raffi A. Nahabedian.

In the letter, Penn’s representatives also stated that they’d voiced their concerns about St. Pierre to “commission members” prior to the bout based on “prior experience and information provided to [Penn]” before the bout.

It’s times like this where I feel bad for both BJ Penn and Georges St Pierre. Unless I see more proof that Georges had a significant amount of grease on him, I’m going to side with him being innocent. But I also see where BJ is coming from too: he had heard stuff about GSP being greasy in the past, he had spoken to the commissioners about it, and then this whole Vaseline thing – bogus or not – goes down. The question is now out there: Did the grease affect the fight? Regardless of if it did or didn’t, the fact that we don’t fucking know sucks giant donkey cocks.

There’s been a lot of discussion on how this should be handled. Some say an investigation is good, others say it’s bad. Personally, I think that nothing bad can come from an investigation, and we might as well have one now since the accusations aren’t about to go away now.

The good news is this isn’t an incompetent and corrupt commission like Florida dealing with things … the NSAC has already shown that they’re taking the situation seriously. They’ve gotten their hands on the UFC’s raw corner footage and have been in contact with a number of key people involved in the situation. Sure, the whole thing will probably move forward at a crawl, ensuring months of aggravation. But does anyone think ‘letting it go’ at this point would change anything? The shit has already hit the fan.