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The good news: There’s no Strikeforce list. The bad news…

Dana White gives us a bit more information on Dave Meltzer’s alleged Strikeforce list than “It’s a lie Meltzer is makin shit up blargh!”

So this whole Dave Meltzer thing, when I was in Australia someone hit me about Meltzer saying that even if the deal is over at Showtime that these guys can’t sign. I said that’s crazy, that’s not true at all. But apparently what Meltzer said was if a guy’s contract comes up, he can’t sign with the UFC. And that’s absolutely true. I’ve said that a million times. [So long as Zuffa has a contract with Showtime] Exactly. But that’s always been the deal. Everyone’s always known that. It’s always been public information. I said these guys are Strikeforce fighters.

So when Dana White said Dave Meltzer was lying about Strikeforce fighters being barred from the UFC, what he really meant was that was actually totally true. The part that was a lie: there’s no list of Strikeforce fighters (it’s just all of them), and it’s not for as long as Showtime does MMA (it’s just as long as Strikeforce exists). I hope that makes you all feel better!

  • scissors61 says:

    So all we need to do is make sure that Showtime drops or doesn’t renew Strikeforce due to awful ratings. I haven’t been watching, so I’m doing my part!

  • frickshun says:

    I’m doing my part by watching shitty streams of it.

  • Papam says:

    Anomaly, I couldn’t agree more with you. I get frsetratud watching his style, land a leg kick then retreat, I can only imagine how frsetratud his opponents get who have to fight him. This time Edgar did a good job of finishing, but I sometimes question his and other champs, e.g. GSP, approach in these title fights. It seems more and more they are trying to do enough to get by on points as opposed to truly trying to finish the fight. As far as Dana’s comment on Edgar being the number 2 pound for pound, I think he was letting his emotions get the best of him .he was caught up from having it be a good night and it translated into his thoughtless comment How does someone know who the best pound for pound fighter is anyway. There is no way to measure that, it is all speculation .