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The Gina Carano mystery is still mysterious

So this past weekend marked what was supposed to be the return of Gina Carano. Unfortunately, she pulled out of the card, allegedly on her personal doctor’s advice. No further information was provided, which of course has just fanned the flames of interest in whatever the fuck is going on with her. Surprisingly (or unsurprisingly if you know Gina’s history) she didn’t even attend the HWGP event, so Ariel Helwani had to get a statement from Scott Coker following the event. Here it is:

Dear Mister Coker

Gina is not feeling well and will not be able to participate in MMA for the forseeable future. No further information will be provided. Don’t call us, we’ll call you.

Gina’s mummy

Oh wait, that’s not the real statement. The real note is just as mysterious though, moreso because Scott Coker makes it clear that Zuffa is just as in the dark as the rest of us. Here he is reading the actual quote:

This is from her manager. This is from Gina…

“Gina is feeling much better after having undergone some medical attention and is looking forward to getting back into training very soon. She would like to express thanks to Team Jackson for a wonderful training camp, Strikeforce, and the fans.”

So you know, she evidently had some medical attention provided and she looks forward to getting back soon. So that’s everything I know.

Any idea what the medical issue was?
I’m not sure I have no idea. I’m sure with your investigative skills you’ll be able to get to that

But it’s not career threatening, right?
You know what, this quote that came in a couple hours ago is all the information I have other than the initial statement that happened on that teleconference.

Roxy was in the Fightlinker chat during the Strikeforce HWGP and pointed us towards an interesting debate from the Fighergirls forum on whether fans have ‘a right’ to know what’s wrong with a fighter when they pull out of a fight. I don’t think we have a ‘right’ to much in this world … half the humans on planet earth drink shitwater, so in that context rights are pretty few and far between.

But if Gina wants MMA fans to love and support her, she might want to reconsider her current PR strategy. It’s quite clear that people aren’t happy about how the situation was handled and in the absence of facts we’ve turned to every imaginable fiction, most of them centered around her having lost her belly for fighting.

Unless she’s contagious like a Congo monkey or in a full body cast, there’s not much excuse for her disappearing off the face of the earth like she has. A simple Gina sighting coupled with an earnest ‘It’s a medical issue I’m not comfortable talking about’ proclamation would probably be enough to settle everyone down. But the whole super secret invisible Carano act she got so good at post-Cyborg has worn old, and fans don’t have a whole lot of anything other than that to base their opinions on.

  • frickshun says:

    They’re “hiding her” in plain sight:

  • SHORT_BUS says:

    ^^^ Yep, it was all about her weight.

    She hadn’t fought in almost 2 years and has a history of not making weight.

  • SHORT_BUS says:

    I’d still give fat Gina Carano a Cleveland steamer though.

  • scissors61 says:

    Count me among the ones who think its her own private business and she doesn’t have to tell us jack shit. 

  • CAP says:

    ^That’s the most logical answer. However, I guess they’re fine with everyone assuming she’s too fat to make weight.

  • agentsmith says:

    That’s the thing, she doesn’t HAVE to tell us shit, but it’s definitely in her best interests to do so.  Especially when the natural presumption is that she’s too fat and/or lacks the motivation to fight anymore.  Letting people think that isn’t good for either her fighting or acting career… cause let’s face it, no one but MMA fans are going to give a shit about her movies.

  • Zurich says:

    I just assumed she was preggers

  • Roxy says:

    I guess it’s embarassing or VERY personal, or else she’d say, right?  ( the picture of the obese lady is kind of gross).


    Yeah, Gina is basically lucky she’s so hot because people wanna see her fight. SHe’s a good fighter.  But would people be making such a big deal if she weren’t so pretty and buxom? I think not.

    Actually, a while back Tony from sherdog did an interview with, was it Overeem?  I think it was him…and he said that he felt it was his duty as a fighter to interact with the fans.  Before and after his K-1 fight in Japan, he was walking around town with his belt over his shoulder, shaking hands, signing autographs.  When asked if he was tired or something, he said something like, “Well it’s can’t be helped.  I’m a fighter but also an entertainer, and the fans support me, so it’s my duty to be good to them.” 

    I was really moved and impressed by that.

  • Shibo says:

    I agree that she doesn’t have to say anything, but I think Ryan hit it right on the head. Two or three sentences would be great for PR. “Thank you so much for your support, guys. I really love and miss all my fans. I had a personal medical issue that needs to stay personal but I’ll be back even better than before in xxxx months. Thanks for caring and respecting my privacy.” The end. It really isn’t that hard.

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    I think she’s not terribly comfy with the role she’s been cast in the story of WMMA.  I’m not surprised she’s having trouble handling a tough role.  She just seems like she enjoyed scrapping and the whole Shawstravaganza that Coker bought wasn’t really her thing.

  • frickshun says:

    Roxy summed it up best w/the Reem story. Fighters are public figures. It serves their fans as well as their own careers. The 2 are symbiotic.