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What’s up with the video blogs now?

You know, I’d care more about Dana White cutting off the video blogs if it didn’t feel like a lame ‘punishment’ for some perceived wrong we haters supposedly participated in. Ya know, like in high school where they do the whole “Well, we wish we didn’t have to punish you all for one person’s actions, but because Ryan took a shit in the coke machine, we’re getting rid of it completely” crap.

But in this case it was not me who pooped in the vending machine for 50 bucks. It was Dana who did it, and now he’s trying to turn it around like he wasn’t a total fucking moron for &feature=player_embedded” target=”_blank”>calling someone a faggot on his ego-trip of a video blog. Yeah, Dana is just Dana and I guess the world just isn’t ready to handle all that truth, seen?

Oh, and as a sidenote, ESPN’s E:60 will be doing a segment on FagGate, so it doesn’t look like the story is ready to die just yet. It will be interesting to see what angle they decide to take: the homophobe angle, the misogynist angle, the mentally handicapped angle, or the press bullying angle?