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The Gary Goodridge quitter fight

Care of, we now have video of the fight were Gary Goodridge walks out halfway through the second round because he claimed his opponent was grabbing at the ropes. For those of you who don’t wanna watch the fight, let me fill you in on how it plays out: the first three minutes are Gary getting punched to hell in what is either a one sided beating or an excellent display of rope-a-dope. Although isn’t part of the whole rope-a-dope thing about leaning back so your opponent can’t smash you in the face? Because Goodridge didn’t do that part so good.

Anyways, the whupping gets bad that the ref docks Goodridge a point and does a standing 8 count … I guess MMA rules are a little different in Hungary. Then it’s back to Gary getting beaten on. Yes, there’s a decent amount of rope holding going on and the ref is a cocksucker for not deducting points, but I’d say Goodridge leaving probably has more to do with losing than it does with the ropes. If he was losing BECAUSE of the ropes, then that’d be a different story. But I’d say it was more an 80% ass getting kicked, 20% ropes ratio.