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The gap between Carwin and Gonzaga

It’s pretty obvious at first glance that Shane Carwin is way way way way way greener than Gabriel Gonzaga. But just in case you were questioning your intuition on the subject, Midsy breaks down the experience gap into scientific morsels:

Strength of schedule: Carwin’s 10-0 looks less impressive when you realize that his opponents have a combined record of 49-42. Gonzaga, on the other hand, has put together a 10-3 record against opponents with a combined record of 129-63-7. In other words, the typical guy Carwin has fought has a 5-4 record. The typical guy Gonzaga has fought has a 10-5 record.

Strength of victory: Of course, just adding up the combined record of the opponents in Gonzaga’s 13 fights is giving him credit for the three fights he lost, to Randy Couture and twice to Fabricio Werdum. But even if we just look at the combined record of the 10 guys Gonzaga has beaten, it’s still 91-46-5 — a lot better than the combined record of the 10 opponents Carwin has beaten.

Under the lights: Gonzaga has eight UFC fights under his belt, including two main events. Carwin has two UFC fights, neither of which was on the main card. Will Carwin have butterflies?

The simple question you gotta ask: “Is Shane Carwin for real or is he just a chump killer?” We already know where Gabriel Gonzaga stands … he’s dangerous but if you push him hard enough he breaks. As for if Carwin can accomplish this, no one knows because he’s never faced anyone half as good as Gonzaga. He might be up to the task, but the bump in competition is pretty fucking severe.