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The future of steroid testing is now!

Loretta Hunt has an article out on Dr. Margaret Goodman and the Voluntary Anti-Doping Agency, aka VADA. It’s a must read for all you steroid wonk nerds on the current standards of testing versus the kind of testing you get from all the Very Serious organizations with long and confusing acronyms for names. It also goes over the hurdles implementing regular stringent testing will face … like for example the annoyances it causes for fighters. Rory MacDonald talks about his experience:

“If I’d denied [doing] it, it would have made me look like I had something to hide,” the 23-year-old MacDonald said. “It really is a pain in the a– because the UFC and the commissions already have their drug testing. I didn’t think there was a problem with it. It’s a nuisance and a waste of my time getting pulled away from my training. It’s not really something I’m happy to be doing, but I’ll do it.”

The whole ‘feeling forced into doing it’ thing was a gripe from Shane Carwin’s camp as well. As for how much of a nuisance Rory is finding the testing in practice:

“It already started. My first test was last week. I got a random knock on the door. They did the test. So from here to the fight, it’s just random testing. It’s pretty annoying. I don’t like getting woken up in the morning. It threw my routine off. I didn’t expect it. I forget about it, to tell you the truth. It was a bit annoying that day, but if it only happens a few times, a couple times, I can deal with it.”

It might be something all UFC fighters have to get used to. UFC Regulatory kingpin Marc Ratner just announced

“We’re going to have a statement about random testing and more testing very soon,” he said. “We’re forming new policies. I’d say before (the) new year, we’ll have some more policies about drug testing.”

I have my doubts that whatever the UFC announces will be on par with the kind of testing VADA does. Testing that’s too effective would probably cause a spate of fight cancellations that would impress even the Gypsy Curse lady. So maybe random piss tests? That way you get to say you’re the most tested sport in the world PLUS you decided to tack extra random testing on yourself. Sounds pretty good to people who don’t know piss is kind of a stone age joke when it comes to drug testing.