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The freakshow to end all freakshows

I gotta give it to the Japanese … they’re really working hard to make this year’s Dynamite show the freakiest event in the history of the universe. Just added to the card: Bob Sapp vs Kinniku Mantaro. Those of you who don’t recognize Kinniku Mantaro’s name are probably already impressed that Sapp (one of the original superfreaks of the Japanese MMA scene) is back. But get this: Kinniku Mantaro is an anime character better known as Kinnikuman (or to those of us in America, the main dude from that old M.U.S.C.L.E. cartoon).

At first I was wondering if they were planning on doing some sort of wacky special effects type fight, but it looks like the role of Kinnikuman will be played by heavyweight collegiate wrestler Akihito Tanaka, who is making his MMA debut and will fight in a full Kinnikuman outfit.

Update: Nightmare of Battle has a bit of extra info on the dude playing Kinnikuman. He’s got a wrestling credential sheet almost as long as my dick, which is to say it is moderately long and freakishly thick with a strange tuft of white pubic hair on the side.