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The First Annual Worsties Awards!

2008 has ended and most other sites are busy giving out awards and talking about the best fights of the year. But we here at Fightlinker say fuck that. We couldn’t give a shit about who thinks what was awesome. Since we love to hate, we thought it would be more interesting to give out awards for the worst things in mixed martial arts instead. So we present now the first annual Worsties awards!

Here’s how it’s working: a new category will be unveiled every day for the next 14 days. Voting for all categories will be open until Midnight on Friday the 23rd of January. On Monday January 26th Monday February 2nd the winners will be announced and certificates will be mailed out to them. But don’t feel bad for those who don’t win … just being nominated is a great honor!

Here are the categories:

  • Worst Fight
  • Worst Overall Event
  • Worst Ref
  • Dumbest Fighter
  • Worst dickhead promoter
  • Worst Commission
  • Worst MMA TV show
  • Worst commentary
  • Worst drug suspension
  • Worst MMA clothing line
  • Most overpaid fighter
  • Worst case of missing weight
  • Worst arrest
  • Special “Bad For the Sport” Achievement award (for the worst incident in MMA of the year)