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The first 100 TUF fighters

What better way to celebrate the start of another season of TUF than to take a look at how the 100 fighters who already participated in the show are doing? MMAJunkie takes a look and breaks the fighters into three groups: Winners (20 fighters), Jury is still out (26 fighters), and Busts (54 fighters). I’m actually pretty amazed that nearly 50% of the fighters from the show are still in the UFC … I figured most of them would be rocking a deep fryer at McDonald’s by now.

The stats in favor of the TUF system actually go up if you take into account fighters in the ‘Bust’ category who are doing okay for themselves in other organizations.

  • x5BoltMainx says:

    bery interesting

  • garth says:

    eh. what was controversial about matt serra’s win over GSP? the whole “he hitted his back of [email protected]!” thing? it looked like a legit TKO to me.
    wouldn’t it be cool if the WEC was an actual feeder org to the UFC? you think fighters would mind competing in tiny arenas if they thought three or four wins in a row would get them to the UFC?

  • kermit.01 says:

    Yea, I don’t remember anything contraversal about Serra – GSP. I also don’t know where the hell he gets Matt Hamill as Jury is still out, the kids only lost to Bisping, in a match most people thought he one, and his stand up has improved allot.

    That dudes opinions on several fighters is not supported by the facts of their recent fights.

  • goo says:

    I can’t believe he thinks about half of the contestants having a bit of a career in the ufc isn’t a total result. I would’ve thought it’d be a lot less. And even if they don’t stick around long its well worth it to the ufc because the guys will be well known for a little while, and they’ll fight for affordable prices.
    Does anyone know if there was any money going around for those first eight fights to actually get in to the house? Nobody mentioned it.

  • Yeah, i wish they’d embrace a feeder system … Versus and UFC think that would make the WEC less popular but i think it would give the org a purpose