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The fire of the devil in his eyes

Kevin Iole has rounded up some UFC memories from a bunch of fighters, and in my opinion the most interesting one is Stephan Bonnar’s story regarding the aftermath of the Tito Ortiz / Vitor Belfort fight:

The main event was great great fight. In my opinion, it could have gone either way, but Tito walked away with a split decision. An exhausted Vitor exited the cage and was walking right past us when an enraged Carlson (Vitor’s former trainer from childhood) was shouting obscenities at him in Portuguese. Vitor stopped and attempted to retort, then Carlson lunged at him, throwing a hard right hand that barely missed. Immediately, Vitor’s cornermen restrained Carlson, who had the fire of the devil in his eyes. I knew they had a falling out, but, wow! I reminded myself to stay on Carlson’s good side. My first UFC was definitely a memorable night.

Belfort received his black belt from Carlson Gracie and at one point was actually fighting as Vitor Gracie. As you can tell from the above story, that relationship kinda sorta fell apart from there.