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The Fightlinker Guide to TUF 8 – Part 3

Here’s three more guides to the dudes showing up at the TUF house tonight. This segment looks at Shane Nelson, Phillipe Nover, and Ido Pariente.

Shane Nelson | Lightweight
Age: 24
MMA Record: 11-3-0
Trains With: BJ Penn’s MMA
Location: Hilo, Hawaii

Random Whatevers:
-This dude is a decision machine, with 9 of his 11 fights going to the judges
-Guy picks his nose throughout this ENTIRE ” target=”_blank”>interview
-This dude is from BJ Penn’s camp (home to other great fighters like ……..)

My Prediction: Boring ass fighter who may decision his way into the house, but hopefully won’t

Douche factor: Not intentionally, but with that annoying voice and all that nose picking…. I doubt he’ll be around long enough for it to set in.


Phillipe Nover | Lightweight
Age: 24
MMA Record: 5-0-1
Trains With: Team Insight
Location: Brooklyn, N.Y.

Random Whatevers:
-Nothing too distinct on his record, no big name wins, and no trend on the kinds of victories he lands.
-Here’s a video of Nover dismantling the slowest fighter in the universe.
-His website tells you a lot about him: he’s an ER nurse by day, and seems to really be into that whole ‘martial arts as honor and respect’ thing.
-Here’s an interview with Nover talking about juggling MMA and hospital work
-It looks like one of his eyeballs is bigger than the other.

My Prediction: Makes it into the house, past that I can’t say, more after the premeire
Douche factor: Low


Ido Pariente | Lightweight
Age: 30
MMA Record: 13-4-0
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

Random Whatevers:
Is this our first real TUF Jew? Pariente is hardcore, fighting out of Israel and his nickname is “The Hebrew Hammer” … will he be as awesome as the other ” target=”_blank”>Hebrew Hammer?
If you think you’ve seen him before, it’s because you probably have. Ido was fed to Jake Shields at K1’s shitterific USA show last summer. On the upside, he got to hang out with Gina Carano
Here’s his myspace, which includes a good amount of video from fights and martial arts tournaments. He also seems to be into the psytrance. Boom Shiva!
In fact, in this interview with he says “when I’m not preparing for any fights I love going to rave parties (BUT I DON’T DO DRUGS).” But drugs are like the best part, man!
Here’s a video of Ido beating Mindaugas Smirnovas, he does a really good job of staying busy from the bottom and nearly catches a ton of submissions.

My Prediction: Makes it into the house, loses in the next round
Douche factor: I’m praying this guy turns out to be Roman meets Cummo = crazy entertaining. I’m also expecting him to not get along with a lot of the younger douches.