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The Fightlinker Guide to TUF 8 – Part 2

Here we go folks, part 2 is way overdue and I’m breaking these up into threesomes so they can go up faster. We’ll be trying to finish this off before the show tonight because we’re gluttons for punishment. It’d be much easier just to concentrate on the dudes who make it into the house. 50% easier. But I didn’t expect to half ass this and leave it till the day of the event, so yeah. Here’s the second batch!

David Kaplan | Lightweight
Age: 28
MMA Record: 3-1-0
Trains With: Lloyd Irvin Team
Location: Camp Springs, Md.
Not to be confused with: David Kaplan, American philosopher who’s known for his work on the subjects of logic, philosophical logic, modality, philosophy of language, metaphysics, and epistemology.

Random Whatevers:
-Shows up on Sherdog as David Kaplin
-Here’s a play by play of a fight where he defeated Steve Headden
-When asked in 2006 if he would be interested in being on TUF, he responded “Not really. I enjoy watching the show, but I’d rather be on Temptation Island or the Brazilian version of Big Brother. I’d do those in a heartbeat.”
-Known for ‘Chute Boxe style’ aggression and accurate striking

My prediction: He sounds like a dude that Lloyd Irvin pushed to get onto TUF, so with that endorsement I think he’ll probably make it in but I’m gonna reserve the right to update this after I see him in the house. He simply doesn’t have enough info out there for me to tell.

Douche Factor: Low


Brian McLaughlin | Lightweight
Age: 23
MMA Record: 5-0-0
Trains With: Team Gracie Tampa
Location: Tampa, Fla.
Not to be confused with: Brian McLaughlin, NY state politician accused of stealing 2 million bucks from the State of New York and unions.

Random Whatevers:
-5 wins, 5 subs. All in the first round, and only one fight going past two minutes. Jesus fuck.
-Watch ” target=”_blank”>this video from 4:15 to see a nice armbar by Brian
-Here’s ” target=”_blank”>his most recent fight where he eats a slam to hold onto an arm and eventually works a triangle
-Here’s ” target=”_blank”>one of him working from the top and snatching an armbar

” target=”_blank”>Here’s him learning how to box
-There’s fucking tons of videos of Brian at BJJ comps tapping people. If he goes for arms like this in MMA and can take a punch I think he’ll do well.
-Could it be?!?! An untattood TUF fighter???

My prediction: Into the house, goes far. Probably loses to someone punching his lights out.

Douche factor: Low, seems like a nice dedicated kid


Wesley Murch | Lightweight
Age: 25
MMA Record: 4-2-0
Trains With: Trojan Gym
Location: Bristol, U.K.
Random Whatevers:
-Has lost his last two fights via submission (at welterweight)

-Has a background in Judo, got into MMA to help James Thompson has a good interview with Murch where he comes across as an interesting but nice guy … he talks about his falconry hobby and how he passed up a job training tigers.
-Here’s a Sun UK article about how Murch got on the show by flying out to Boston for the open tryouts. He talks more on his background: 9 years of judo and 8 years of boxing.
-If you wanna try the Wesley Murch Workout, ” target=”_blank”>here it is
-And here’s a forum where everyone from the UK is like “Murch made it on the show???”

My Prediction: Doesn’t make it into the house.
Douche factor: Low, Ross Pointon stylez