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The Fightlinker Guide to MMA Magazines

While down in the States over holidays, I hit up a few different bookstores and bought all the magazines I could get my mitts on related to mixed martial arts. I passed on the kung fu rags with token articles on UFC fighters, but past that I think I got a decent representation of the shit you should be able to find yourself wherever you live (provided you live in a city with a Barnes & Noble or Chapters).

Over the next week I’ll be starting off every day with a review of one magazine. Here’s the ones I’ll be covering:

  • Fighters Only
  • MMA Worldwide
  • Fight!
  • Ultimate Grappling
  • Real Fighter
  • Elite Fighter

I’m sure there are magazines I’m missing … add the names of any others into the comments section and I’ll try and get a hold of them. As I get new mags I’ll do new reviews, and compile all of them into a (gasp!) resource so you’ll have an easy way of knowing which magazines suck or rock and why.

  • catch says:

    Awesome. I’ll probably end up getting a subscription to the one you like best, I’ve been meaning to get around to it.

  • M.O.B says:

    TAPOUT! magazine is the best in my opinion, has like 15+ pages of quality mma instruction on different greco roman/jiu jitsu/ muay thai/boxing or whatever other move that would be effective. Plus I think it has superior writing. Just my opinion.

  • Don says:

    Your most glaring omission is Full Contact Fighter, not that I know much about it other than its decent reputation.

    From my browsing, Real Fighter and Fight! are a cut (in some cases many cuts) above the rest. I look forward to your takes

  • Sacha says:

    It might not be easy to find, but there’s also Fightsport.

  • Soulrise says:

    Full Contact Fighter is far and away the best MMA print publication. Only problem is that they’re hard to find now that Tower Records has gone out of business…But still, they’ve been doing it longer than any of these other rags and hopefully you get a chance to check them out.

  • bmiller says:

    fightsport is what i am subsribed to.

  • If you want quality journalism and decent analysis, Real Fighter is pretty hard to beat.

  • Tapout lets their advertisers write most of their columns, which aren’t even that good, this is a cheif reason why I did not renew my subscription with them.

    FCF uses reprinted stories that they’ve already used for their website, which is why I didn’t renew that one either.

  • The US version of Fightsport, from the UK version’s makers still, is availible at most Barnes and Nobles and Borders here in the states. I dunno about up north for FL tho.