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The fight that started on Sherdog’s forums

Jeez, does it really feel like there’s a UFC event going on tomorrow night? It certainly doesn’t to me, although I might still be a bit zonked out from staying up til 8am to watch the K1 World Grand Prix on Saturday. But what’s your excuse? While Wednesday’s “Fight for the Troops” card might be stuffed full of up and comers against down and outers, there’s still Koscheck vs Yoshida to hype you up, and Goulet vs Swick.

Seeing Yoshiyuki Yoshida beat on Josh Koscheck should be all you need to look forward to that fight, but in case you’re not feelin’ Goulet vs Swick yet, here’s a refresher on the story between these two:

Adam Wagner ( You were supposed to fight Mike Swick back at Fight Night 11 in September 2007, however Swick had to pull out due to a rib injury. When you called out Swick on the message boards to get that fight, it was largely seen as you goading him into a fight. Is that the case, or are there any hard feelings between the two of you?

Jonathan Goulet: No, there are no hard feelings. You know, I went on the Web because – you know, when I received a call from my manager, Ken Pavia, he asked me if I wanted to fight Mike Swick. So I said, “Yes.” Then we received a call from his manager, and they did not accept the fight. So my manager called me back, and he told me that (Swick) didn’t accept the fight because I wasn’t as good as they wanted. So between those calls, I talked to David Loiseau and told him that I was going to fight (Swick). So when I received the call from my manager and said that I wasn’t going to fight him, Loiseau told me to write this on the Web – to write things on the Web. So I think one or two hours later, I got the call, because at that time (Swick) was mad at me. He was pissed off and wanted to fight me.

Adam Wagner ( (Laughs.) Well, it was an excellent effort to help hype the fight. So the strategy worked. What problems, if any, do you see Swick bringing to the table for you?

Jonathan Goulet: He is an aggressive fighter and has long reach. But I don’t see any problems because I can’t be surprised. All that he can do I saw all this on TV. So we have a good game plan for that kind of fighter. I worked too on my weaknesses, so I will be ready for the fight.

Now a year and a half later the fight is finally going down. Both fighters are on two fight win streaks but Swick’s fights were both so boring that I’d rather pop a few fingernails off with a letter opener than experience them again. My brain says Swick is gonna take the fight but I’m cheering for Goulet, if only as karmic retribution for the atrocity of a fight that was Swick / Burkman.