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The Expendables Adds More Expendables

This is only slightly fight related but then again redneck second cousins are only slightly related and that doesn’t stop them from tying the knot.

Randy Couture starring in Sylvester Stallone’s new movie is old news. If you hadn’t heard that yet then you better quit that bullshit you’re accomplishing in the real world and spend more time on the interwebs, where all the smart people hang out. Either way, quick recap is that Stallone is writing and directing a new movie called The Expendables about a team of mercenaries (who don’t play by the rules) who go to South America to take down a dictator (who doesn’t play by the rules).

Jason Statham, Jet Li, Forest Whitaker, and Dolph Lundgren (that’s “>Ivan Drago if you live in a cave) are all already set to star alongside Stallone and Couture. has the news that Mickey Rourke will also be joining the cast. Rourke is an acting enigma whose gone from 80s star to professional boxer to action star to potential Oscar nominee to gay pirate and now to co-starring with a UFC fighter in a Stallone movie. Needless to say, Mickey Rourke is a shapeshifter.

The significance of this can not be played down. With Sin City and The Wrestler, Rourke has resurrected his career in Hollywood to the point where serious buzz is attached to every project he is involved with. That means more money at the box office which means more people seeing a MMA legend in a legitimate summer blockbuster. That can’t be bad for the sport.