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The Enemy

I hate old people. They’re closed minded bigots who smell bad and vote for dumb shit like anti-gay amendments to the constitution. If I had it my way, we would take them out Logan’s Run style. Or if we’re feeling old-school, we could just stick them on a big chunk of ice and let them float adrift.

There’s way too many ignorant old fucks out there being evil cocksuckers in a wide variety of ways for me to single out any one person as the embodiment of old fogey asshattery. But Bob Reilly (pictured above looking about as lively as the stuffed pheasant on his wall) is a good example of what happens when ignorant old people end up in politics.

Reilly is the Assemblyman for the 109th District, and he was the one who basically shot down MMA’s chance at getting legalized in New York back when it came up for a vote in June. Word is he got up and went on a fact-free tirade against the sport, misrepresenting the rules, the safety record, and pretty much everything else about it. A quote: “We ban cockfighting and dog fighting — should we allow humans to enter a cage to knee, kick, and punch each other?”

If you thought that Reilly might be willing to learn anything about the sport, you were wrong. He’s sticking to his ignorant views and plans to keep fighting reality:

“I consider it brutal and savage. The lobbying and money behind it has gotten so intense since then that I feel like David against Goliath,” Reilly said. “But I won’t succumb to pressure.”

Reilly railed against the caged battles once dubbed “human cockfighting.” His fellow committee members, some of whom had little knowledge of the sport, voted against reporting out a bill that would have paved the way for making it legal in New York. It is currently sanctioned in 36 states.

“I’ll express ignorance of this sport, but after Bob described what a vicious sport it was, it was voted down by everybody on the committee,” said Assemblywoman Francine DelMonte, D-Niagara Falls. She’s one of 20 members on the committee chaired by Steven Englebright, a Democrat from Suffolk County.

The bill to legalize MMA in New York goes back up for a vote in January. Sadly enough, it’s going to be morality vs greed as a deciding factor on whether to allow MMA into the state. You’ve got cocksuckers like Reilly arguing that MMA = the devil’s sport and on the other side you have the UFC promising millions in regional spending to convince New York to go Judas. I understand both angles but personally I think MMA’s safety record speaks for itself. What ever happened to letting people do what they want to do without government interference? I’m pretty sure there’s a snappier word for that … what is it?

Oh yeah. FREEDOM.