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The Empire Strikes Back

It’s been a rough week or two to be a Zuffa lawyer. First it was revealed that the PRIDE deal was just as big of a lemon as everyone thought it was. Then things started looking grim regarding Randy Couture as HDNet joined the fray with their powerful law firm and big bags of money. But perhaps things are starting to swing back to Zuffa’s side. We mentioned that it looked like Zuffa would win in the injunction over Randy Couture working for the IFL and that’s exactly what happened. Check out this “Suck our dicks” proclamation on the front of

In a ruling made early last evening, Las Vegas District Court Judge Jennifer Togliatti granted the request of Zuffa, LLC, owner of the UFC, for a preliminary injunction preventing Randy Couture and those acting in concert with him from violating Couture’s contractual commitment not to promote competing mixed martial arts events.

Specifically, Judge Togliatti agreed that it appeared Couture had violated his non-compete agreement with Zuffa by promoting the International Fight League’s (IFL) upcoming event to be staged Friday, February 29, 2008.

Judge Togliatti also granted Zuffa’s request to immediately conduct a deposition examination of Couture regarding other claimed violations of his one year non-compete agreement.

Zuffa attorneys, Donald Campbell and Colby Williams, stated they look forward to examining Couture under oath regarding what they termed “Couture’s chronic and brazen violations of his contractual obligations to Zuffa.”

I don’t know if there’s a clear connection between this legal ass kicking and the following story, but I’m gonna connect the dots on this. I just got an email from Youtube saying that my upload of the retarded Fedor reality show was taken down “as a result of a third-party notification by Pride FC Worldwide Holdings, LLC”. The fact that Zuffa is claiming ownership of footage in that video means you better believe they’re going to slap a lawsuit on M-1 for using it too. Which is hilarious because the video was probably done by a couple of Vadim Finkelstein’s friends in a basement in Kiev, without the knowledge of the execs in America. Haha, what a total cock-up M-1 is.

In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if Zuffa decides it’s going to use it’s shifty pseudo-ownership of PRIDE footage to erase the existance of Fedor from the webs. It’s like “The Net” all over again, except I’m much less likely to masturbate to images of Fedor like I did with Sandra Bullock. All in all it looks like the gloves may have come off. If you thought UFC lawyers were bastard spawn of the devil before, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

  • sanantonio says:

    Let’s keep a proper perspective here all they did was stop Randy from participating this past Friday. It is a temporary injunction meaning Randys people will appeal to a judge with bigger balls and so on and so forth. This ain’t over like Marcellus Wallace and Butch’s “what now?” This ain’t over by a darned site kinda wonder who’s go be callin in the hard-pipe-hittin’ ni**as to go to work lol. Because it’s obvious to quote one large anally raped black guy “I think you are gonna find, when this shit is over… I think you’re gonna find yourself one smilin’ motherfucker.” Not sure who that motherfuckers going to be right now.

  • Tommy says:

    It’s not even gonna be a fight. You thought Penn vs Pulver two was one sided? Watch this blood bath. Randy doesn’t have a leg to stand on here or anywhere in his reasons to leave the UFC as far as the court of law is concerned.

  • O. Taktarov says:

    It’s been a rough couple weeks to be a Zuffa lawyer? Hardly. It’s been a great couple weeks to be a Zuffa lawyer. They’re client is keeping them so busy they gotta be rolling in dough.

  • Xavier says:

    Go go UFC legal team go go!

    “Judge Togliatti also granted Zuffa’s request to immediately conduct a deposition examination of Couture regarding other claimed violations of his one year non-compete agreement.”

    AKA: “Hey you fucking goof Mark Cuban, we know you’ve been collaborating with Couture to try to fuck with us and now we’re going to deposition his ass to prove it and you’re next.”

    Go Empire go go go, go go!