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The dumbest sounding show in the universe

Ariel Helwani gets the scoop again:

However, has learned that Pro Elite Inc. shot a different pilot for MTV in July starring EliteXC fighters Jake Shields, Wilson Reis and Jon Murphy (above). The premise of the show is that the fighters travel to different towns to confront the neighborhood bully. They hear complaints from the locals on how this person has terrorized their lives and then go after the man in question. Then, they make the bully do a series of tasks to atone for their sins. Or something like that.

Do I really have to provide the mockery on this one? Doesn’t that sound like the most god-awful show concept you’ve ever heard of? Honestly, you could put a bunch of downs syndrome kids together and they’d churn out a list of better show ideas than that. Actually, I’d really love to hear what they’d have in mind. Fuck ‘thinking outside the box’, let’s try ‘thinking outside your genetic disposition’.

I wonder how much money they blew through filming this garbage.