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The Drew Fickett situation, direct from Drew Fickett

There was some doubt brought up regarding the validity of the Drew Fickett tirade posed on the interwebs yesterday. Well, our bud Ariel from MMA Rated got in touch with Drew to find out what was up. And not only was Drew really responsible for that, he elaborated during a 15 minute audio interview which is sure to have you laughing your ass off.

Listen as Drew tells the story of having to skip getting drunk and watching Iron Man in order to fight for Strikeforce (he thought he was fighting Joe Riggs to boot). Plus, if you wanna know why he keeps calling people ‘skaters’, it’s all explained in the interview. Check it out!

**UPDATE** MMA Rated also had the voicemail Mark Pavelich left Drew and his manager. It’s been taken down (if anyone has a copy, please send it to me and I’ll make sure it gets back up), but TKO Extreme has the following transcript:

“It’s Mark Pavelich calling from the Maximum Fighting Championship,

I’ve just received notice that Drew Fickett or you, I don’t care which one of you fuckers did it, has signed a contract to fight in Strikeforce this fucking weekend. I’m going to get on a fucking plane soon and go where you’re at and choke you the fuck out. I’m telling you right now, I’ve had enough of your fucking shit. First of all, I’ve sent you the fucking pictures and secondly, I placed Drew Fickett in a fight fucking months ago and five weeks prior to my main event of my fucking fight card. You’re going to give me a fucking call tomorrow or I swear I’ll get on a fucking plane and go right where you’re at right now. You’re pissing me off, I’ve been nothing but professional to you motherfuckers and you’re doing this kind of bullshit, alright? Call me back, I’m fucking pissed.”

**UPDATE #2** Look what I found in my browser cache. Nothing but professional. -kentyman

**UPDATE #3** Unfortunately we gotta verify our legal situation before we can continue to share this. Down (for now!)

  • dignan says:

    What’s a Drew Fickett?

  • MMA-Elite says:

    Mark Pavelich sounds like a complete dick. I understand him being pissed about Fickett fighting when he isn’t supposed to but surely he could have handled without making himself look like a douchebag and without threatening somebody who could beat the living shit out of him.

  • godzillad says:

    Pavlich is a complete dick. Look at all the shit he talked FOR MacDonald before the Doerkson fight, not to mention his dancing around at the end like he was the one who actually fought.

    Hell, if Jordan Breen admits nobody likes you then you need some help.

  • ruttenjump says:

    Pavlich must be taking lessons from Dana White on “how to be a fucking promotor” to put together a string of f-bombs that long. Impressive stuff.

  • Scottie G says:

    F Pavlech.


    Drew “The Drunken Master” Fickett

  • Jrichard4457 says:

    Drew Fickett a fucking idiot

  • jewboy says:

    Two motherfuckers calling themselves professional while calling the other unprofessional and coming off as big babies. Way to add legitimacy to the sport, morons.

  • Drew sounded a lot like Nick Diaz, minus the retard lisp and talk of black helicopters, in that interview.

  • LastDeadMouse says:

    Ficketts contract with MFC has been terminated…so Pavelich stops him from fighting this weekend then cuts him the day after he would have fought..given the situation I could understand cutting him but he should have cut him and let him fight. That is a gigantic dick move.

  • LastDeadMouse says:

    oooh 2 days…well it’s still a fucking dick move

  • Pavelich is one angry Canadian.

  • fightfan says:

    That is fucked up. Drew had to think that maybe this Pavlich might try and screw him out of both fights???

    So, Drew and Pav mf’d each other. Drew decided to “honor” his contract to MFC and Pavlich and NOT fight at Strikeforce show. THEN…….PAvlich totally DICKS him, after Drew decides to honor MFC contract and cuts him from fighting in the fight tha tprevented him from fighting in the Strikeforce show.

    WOW. Now he has ZERO fights. Forsight is a mofo. Knowing Fickett, I thought maybe he would of said fuck off to Pavlich before he did and fought in the Strikeforce show anyhow. Now he has neither!!!

    Cant wait to hear how Fickett goes off now. He may travel to whereever Pavlich is hiding and hunt him down and kill him slowly with his bare hands

  • occmsrazr says:

    unlikely that he could fightfan as i doubt pavelich goes too far these days without Ryan Ford nearby and i think it’s clear how drew feels about fighting him.

    i can’t believe what a pussy fickett is being. i was really excited to see this fight. he deserves being out tens of thousands of dollars for this bullshit. he talks about his family, the guy’s a fucking alcoholic who just threw away 2 pro fights because he’s a drunk. genius.

  • koolpaw says:

    omg the fight is canceled seriously.

    thank u Mr.Fickett and Pavelich, u 2 fucking gentlemen scrapped good matchup for Ryan Ford !

    clap clap clap, i mean CRAP.